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I'm a huge noob with Cisco routing and ACL's and need some help. Keep in mind, I accrued this network.  Layer 3 Core Switch with ACL's: cisco WS-3750X We have a set of Internal VLANs under the following IP Schemes: 10.20.X.X and 10.222.X.XWe have ano...

Hi there!   Is there an equivalent to the IOS command "no autostate" on IOS XE 16.8 (Fuji)? We used this on old 800er Router Platform to keep Management Vlan for Router and successors up permanently. In IOS XE we haven't managed to find a command whi...

Sergej by Beginner
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Hello   My Name is Cedric. I have a customer which two sites. On every site is an ISR4431. I use a DMVPN tunnel with NHRP Protocol. On both side is a line with 500Mbit/s WAN access. My problem is now, that I have not more then 200Mbit/s over the VPN ...

Paw_Paw by Beginner
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We have a router and switch from a customer on our network for testing. The switch is connected to the router. The router is then connected to our switch, which is connected to our Core switch via trunk connection. The core switchis then connected to...

gbenoit83 by Beginner
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Hi, System image = asa982-smp-k8.bin Is it possible to configure only static routes only without default gateway ("Gateway of last resort is x.x.x.x to network")? The reason for question is that we have eBGP connect via ASR to ISP routing int...

geoff by Beginner
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I have a PPPoE link between 2 routers that passes through 2 switches that does not connect. The link without PPPoE works through the switches. Below, I copied key configs of both routers for them to be looked at. Why is the link not working?  R1:host...

Hi Guys,    I am planning on migration of LAN setup from default VLAN 1 to VLAN 100, i got VLAN 1 with 30.x.x.x network and VLAN 100 with 10.x.x.x, i had planned to migrate IP as well, so my setup is like SW trunk interface port connected to Riverbed...

Samy87 by Beginner
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I've got a Stackwise Virtual Core (VSS) Connected on two separate ASA Firewall and behind the firewalls are my routers that would be connected to ISPs to access the internet.          INTERNET     /               \   |                   | ISP1       ...

jeromesky by Beginner
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Hello to all,we have ASR-1002x with advipservices license, do we need to acquire additional licenses for launching BRAS with subscription of PPPOE subscriber sessions and ISG approximately 1000 subscribers

Hi, I have a cisco lab setup at home for my CCNA studies.  I'm currently studying for the 200-105 exam.  I passed the 100-105 exam in February.  I had the idea of integrating my lab network with my home network.  My lab network is all 10/100 ethernet...