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I am having some problems with VSM/VEM connectivity after an upgrade that I'm hoping someone can help with. I have a 2 ESXi host cluster that I am upgrading from vSphere 5.0 to 5.5u1, and upgrading a Nexus 1000V from SV2(2.1) to SV2(2.2).  I upgraded...

greggooch by Beginner
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I'm trying to connect a HP c7000 blade enclosure with a Catalyst 3750 switch. The c7000 enclosure came with 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules.This is what i have:Cisco side:-cisco catalyst 3750 10/100 with four 1Gig SFP ports-1 Cis...

Hello,I have a simply question, because this point is not necessarely clear in datasheets.Can I install a VxLAN Gateway with the virtual switch Cisco Nexus 1000 V or this option is only available on the Cisco Nexus 1010 or 1100? The goal of this ques...

Hello,We have just attached an HA pair of Nexus 1110-S appliances to the network (I pre-configured them in an isolated lab) by attaching them to a FEX/vPC. We are now seeing log messages from the host Nexus 5596 (where the FEX are attached) complaini...

pdotchon by Beginner
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we see increasing output drops on a veth interface on a nexus 1000v.DS-N1K-10# sh clockTue Apr 8 06:05:03 UTC 2014DS-N1K-10# sh int Veth19 | incl Drops    0 Input Packet Drops 415678974 Output Packet Drops...DS-N1K-10# sh clockTue Apr  8 06:06:07 UTC...

Hi all,We installed a new VEM module on the N1K. As we did not had enough installed licenses at this time, the vem took 2 overdraft licenses.Now, another vem has been removed from the VSM and then, we recovered those 2 licenses from the removed Vem t...

riziv by Beginner
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Cisco Support,We recently swapped out 1GB interfaces in our ESX server and replaced them w/10GB cards.  When we did that, the interface IDs presented to the 1000v changed.  References to the removed interfaces still appeared when the "show port-chann...

We have dual Nexus 5596UP running as Layer 2 only. All routing is done on a Cisco 2851. I will be installing a L3 module in both 5596's and having the Nexus switches become our core router. The 2851 will contine to route or WAN traffic.Has anyone ins...

dohogue by Beginner
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