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Adminshell does not start after upgrade from to

Hello, After upgrading  from to admin shell does not start with error  [collectorlogin@localhost ~]$ su adminPassword:*****PID file exists. But Adminshell service is not completely up.**********If adminshell is restarted manually, ple...

VRU by Beginner
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Cisco CSP Collector not including APs from 9800-40 inventory

I know that the APs are part of the inventory of the managed device the 9800-40 WLC. I've checked the SNTC site and can see the controllers inventory but it is missing the APs. Checking the raw data on the CSP collector I can see all the inventory in...


Resolved! Problem to Generate a New Certificate CSPC

Hi Cisco Team, I am trying generate a new certificate to my new collector but this message appear for me: "Entitlement file generation failed. Please try again. If the issue persists, find help in the community." Both Chrome and Firefox the problem o...

SNTC access request not visible in DA's access management tool

Hello, We are trying to get access to a new colleague on the account to the SNTC portal. We submitted the access request and got a confirmation mail saying the request has to be approved by the delegated administrator. The problem is that the request...

CSPC 2.8 trail version installation issue

I have installed CSPC 2.8 version. while registering trail service in GUI getting error failed to download registration file from cisco backend. please try again. I have checked firewall, its allowed internet.  If any one help me this root cau much a...

Not receiving verification email SmartNet Total Care Portal

Hi, im not receiving the verification email after registering on Smart Net Total Care Portal, i´ve tried resending it many times.I received one but it was already expired. "Smart Net Total Care Verify your email Another verification email has been se...

daranibar by Beginner
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ERROR API CS contract- errorInfo":"Customer Id is not associated with Partner"

Hello,  I was able to use an API to get the customer information (specifically the Customer Id). However, when I use the contract details api I get an error "Customer Id is not associated with Parner".  "errorCode":"API_PARTY_002","errorInfo":"Custom...

Resolved! CSPC Version 2.8 SSH2 login to Collector to use higher encryption like ecdh-sha2-nistp256.

Our new security policy needs us to have SSH login Key Exchange Algorithms to use only higher encryption like ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521and we need to disable other lower encryption exchanges.Is there a way to find out w...

rhallan by Beginner
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