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Resolved! unregistered multicast on ME3400E

Hi,  I have a use case where 2 host send multicast packets to each other for HA purposes. They don't create a multicast group via IGMP they just send as unregistered members.   If I use a SG300 Switch there is an option under Multicast -> Unregistere...

fips by Beginner
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ASA 5508, WDS and diferrent subnets/VLANs

Hello,   My main objective is to set up the WDS for client installs. However the WDS server and the clients are in different subnets (and on occasion different VLANs). It isn't working out this far though, the which client doing the PXE boot won't re...

Securing switches

I'm reviewing our switches and just wondering if there is anything else I can do to secure the ports. We've got all the other stuff going eg tacacs, vty lines secured, logging etc but I was wondering more about the ports themselves?   Steps I have ta...

louis0001 by Participant
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Resolved! multicast issue

I have 2 sources that we get out multicast feed from, they are not the same feeds they both provide different videos and they come from a different source but when I have both interfaces on for both sources of multicast feeds the videos bleed into ea...

Fabricpath unable to set vlan mode

Hello, On both spine switches I'm able to create a new vlan and set the mode to fabricpath. But on 2 out of three leaf switches the mode option is not available when creating a new vlan. So these are created as classic ethernet vlan's. All are Nexus ...

static route set but cannot ping/access

Here's the status, i set them up, don't know why x.x.190.x & x.x.191.x cannot access each others, any idea?   Access Rule on x.x.191.1: allow x.x.190.0 to x.x.191.94     Access Rule on x.x.190.1: allow x.x.191.0 to x.x.190.222   on x.x.191.x trace r...


can we access router if it is this situation

Hi Please see the below. If the router lose connection to tacacs server, do you think if using cisco1 can access the router if we only has cisco1 password?  Thank you   enable secret 4 xRh2 username cisco1 privilege 15 password 7 094 aaa new-model ! ...

wfqk by Contributor
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Connection ISSUES to physical equiments

Hello and good evening,   I have some big issues on my network. I have some servers that have some VMs on them. When i try to ping this servers in a network that doesn't belongs to them, sometimes ping works, sometimes not, but with the VMs it seems ...

chunfer by Beginner
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interoperability HP/cisco IGMP querier

Hello, I am facing a strange issue with multicast and IGMP protocol between a 3750 and an Aruba switch. My 3750 is the IGMP Querier on a vlan Receiver are on this switch I have others some cisco switch in the chain with IP camera on these and no prob...

Kevin SAS by Beginner
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Cisco Juniper vlan problem

Hello I am in trouble with Juniper and Cisco switches.The link from Juniper to Cisco is uplink  and the link from Cisco to Juniper is downlink.The problem is that, from Juniper I give to Cisco Vlan 900.The Cisco receive vlan 900 but it's work few min...