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Hey All,  I'm looking to upgrade my 4507R with is configured in a VSS mode with quad sup running SUP7L-EThe code i'm currently running is 03.04.00.SG and I'm moving to 03.08.07E.  does anyone have documentation on how to perform this upgrade. 

njcustodio by Beginner
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how are you engineersplease I face many times when I connect AP to the switch 3560 it comes this massage . Sep 21 22:25:13.675 GMT:%ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Fa0/15:  Power Controller reports power Imax error det...

aliabd10 by Beginner
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Hi All, I'm new this this forum and am struggling with a project.I have 3 routers and I am trying to allow them to work with OSPF.They seem to be neighbours and have a full state but have no databases. All passwords within the project are "cisco" wit...

Hi,The company I work for has got 6 x 3650 switches in their cabinet and to my surprise they are not setup in a stack. To my understanding, this model requires a stack module to be installed to be able to stack them. I am fairly new to the networking...

bruc3 by Beginner
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I have two identical switches. One takes the port channel command the other does not. I have tried assigning vlans to it but it doesnt matter. Same with shutting them down first. N5K9interface port-channel1switchport mode trunkspanning-tree port type...

dave love by Beginner
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I wanted to know the difference between GC2 Vs T4 and why the T4 bin works and not the GC2 for the ios file image. Also whats the property command for them 

HungMun by Beginner
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When connecting a circuit to a 2960X switch, does ip routing need to be enabled on that device, in order to forward traffic to the ISP's next hop router? Or, is enabling ip routing on a 2960X switch, a way to do inter-vlan routing on that device...wi...

Resolved! Vlan 1 Migration

HiI am in the process of replacing a core switch. During the process we want to move our vlan 1 to vlan 5 aswel, currently its a server vlan so not ideal as vlan 1For the migration process I will be connecting the new core to the existing core via 2 ...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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Helloi have a question that if we do not issue the spanning-tree root command the root primary is going to get selected based on Links or MAC address.is that root election rule is going to apply for root "secondary" as well?thanks in advance