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Resolved! IP ARP: ignored gratuitous arp

Hello,  Can anyone help about this persistent log issue that is being broadcast on my switch vlan. I don't know the cause of the consistent broadcast arp and would like to know the solution to it.  Switch model: C3850-48uSwitch version: 03.07.02ESw i...

alabi_ng by Beginner
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STP + RSTP question

  Hello everyone,   I was curios of the following questions, which I have not found an answer so for on any platform/document and I believe that the original IEEE documentations are not free for the public. Could anyone help me with the questions +/ ...

vagok987 by Beginner
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Catalyst 3750

Hi, I'm new here and a networking n00b. I pretty much know the basics about networking. I've never set up a switch before. I am trying to set up my own lab network. I inherited an old Catalyst 3750. I see videos on YouTube about how to configure the ...

Resolved! Trouble configuring VLANs with DHCP and OSPF

Hi all,I've been trying to configure a network that has 3 different locations. Each location has different departments that are on different VLANS. The plan is to have a DHCP server automatically assigning IP's to different department PC's using the ...

HW2022 by Beginner
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Resolved! Etherchannel configuration

Hi I have below doubts please someone help on this. 1. Why etherchannel configuration is not advisable for odd ports 2. is that possible to do etherchannel Ethernet and fiber together when both are in same speed. 3. Four links are in etherchannel con...

How to turn up the vlan?

Hi everyone, I am new and I cannot solve small problem.I would be grateful if someone could explain me how is it work.I am attaching screenshot of my network. I want to make that 2 switches on the top should not see the 2 switches at the bottom.I con...

Karcio22 by Beginner
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Resolved! Dynamic IP issue on the client

I have setup a LAb for the DHCP relay. DHCP are created on the router and intervlan routing is there.vlan 10 and vlan 20 has been configured on multilayer switch and l2 switch locally. PC0 is in vlan 10 and PC1 is in vlan 20. ip helper command given ...

son ray by Beginner
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2960X switches support TLS 1.2 ????

Hi there We Run a lot of 2960X switches at our one site.  Do they support the TLS 1.2 ??  I have looked over the support device list but do not see them listed.  Just need to make sure. We also use 2960S series at our second site.  Can they use TLS1....

Steveosh72 by Beginner
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Cisco 2950 switch ssh/gui login issue.

Hii Team,    I have one issue. When I connect my Cisco switch directly through console cable it logins directly without asking any usernam and password in the putty. And I have assigned ip to the switch as well to login through gui.  But when I try t...

Why is this happening if there is STP?

Maybe this is a stupid question.I understand STP, but if there is STP, why do I have a loop and lose my connection via console and is it necessary to restart the switches to fix the problem?ExampleI need to install five switches.I'm guiding the techn...

athan1234 by Beginner
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