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I have been researching this for a few days and still cannot get a simple NAT to work. We need to access a server but have overlapping IP's in our networks. Do I need "one-to-one" NAT statements? Does this require an ACL and or Route-map?    Goal: NA...

Nick C. by Beginner
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  Hi.. I am planning to run VSS on cisco WS-C4506-E switches, could you pls suggest me stable software version for this. I have below image currently. cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.05.03.E.152-1.E3.bin

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Hi Everybody     I have a task which I can not solve it. :-(  There is a small company with two separated Internet service provider. Inside a company there are two separated LAN. One of these LAN should use first ISP. The other LAN has more separated...

tothz by Beginner
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Hi! who can tell how many isg sessions supports esp-100?for example, esp-40 supports only 32k isg sessions thank you ------------------------- Cisco TAC:ASR1006 + RP2 16Gb + ESP100- 58,000  PPPoE sessions- 128,000 IPoE sessions ( ISG=IPoE )    

  Hello, I'm getting this message for no reason. I have spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst applied on all interfaces and vlan and even then the message continues. What can I do?     %L2FM-2-L2FM_MAC_FLAP_DISABLE_LEARN_N3K: Loops detected in the network fo...