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Hi everyone,we will plan to upgrade the Catalyst 3850 Series OS, the OS version 16.6.4a is now installed and we want to upgrade to 16.12.11,I have found how to install/upgrade in the attached link.https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/ca...

HiI am trying to configure a Catalyst8000v, running 17.9 and another 17.11 (problem exists on both code versions) and I cannot for the life of me get a good config for a simple dot1q interface. Below are my configs. Can somebody help me out? The goal...

Hello there,For reference, I am using the "Release Notes for Cisco Catalyst 9400 series Switches, Cisco IOS XE Cupertino 17.9.x Upgrading the Switch Software".I will be upgrading our 9407 from IOS-XE 16.12.8 to 17.9.4. From what I've been able to see...

Kiley by Level 1
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Hi All,   Show cdp neighbor details show that it is communicating via Vlan 7(192.168.1.x). From my checking, this vlan is not in use and client is asking if we can strip off. But since the CDP neighbor is somehow getting this IP address, I am kind of...

rvolante_0-1719283516326.png rvolante_1-1719283529190.png rvolante_2-1719283549073.png rvolante_3-1719283557505.png
r.volante by Level 1
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Is there a simple way to really verify that the cisco 3560 is a layer 2 or layer 3 switch? or is it actually dependent upon the ios image that it's running?Switch model number is WS-C3560-48PS-SThanks.

Hieu Cao by Level 4
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Hi Guys,  We have 9606 running active-standby and each box has 2 supervisor 1. Currently running version 17.2.1 and planning to upgrade to latest 17.9.5. I know that complete reboot using install command would be the best, however we would like to mi...

wanwa01 by Level 1
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Dears Cisco Community,On cisco packet tracer need help how to VLANs can communicate ping or share or printing, I already have this basic configuration :  dan-crb>sh vlan briefVLAN Name Status Ports---- -------------------------------- --------- -----...

Dan-CRB by Level 1
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