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Cisco 3850-24P-S POE+ on all 24 ports

Hi, I need to have POE+ (30W) on all 24 ports on Cisco 3850-24P-S. The switch by default will support 14 ports (POE+) with default 715W AC. My question is whether the switch will support POE+ on all 24 ports with dual 715W AC or 1100W AC. Does it ha...

aijaz802 by Beginner
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Ghost in the wire? MACFLAPPING

I've got an issue that even TAC is having trouble finding the answer to:I have a customer with a small campus.  At the main agg site, there is a stack of 3650s which also does their routing. At the smaller buildings, there are individual 3650s tied i...

Connecting 2911 router to WAN and Internet

I have a cisco 2911 router. One interface is connected to local head quarter network, the second one is connected to service provider internet service. I want to connect the third interface to connect it to the MPLS VPN conection provided by the serv...

d.tesfaye by Beginner
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Mac address have flap ping

Hi  I seeing logging mac address flapping on core switch You can see to connectivity my network in the below. [no AP]-----------Sw[A]---trunk----Core Switch-----trunk---SW[B]------trunk------Sw[C]----->AP-----> NotebooK This's logging in core swi...

Resolved! Cisco 2911XM router not booting

I'm currently trying to upgrade IOS on a 2911 router. It seems like there is no any IOS for 2911 these days on the Internet... rommon 1 > dir flash:           File size                                Checksum              File name 3466848 bytes (0x...

ohforce55 by Beginner
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Resolved! ISR 4221 Recommended IOS

All, I'm currently deploying a large quantity of 4221's for a customer to their branch locations. They have 16.4.1 preloaded but that particular release has been deferred. Any recommendations on a stable IOS release? Thanks. Best.

unable to use cos to dscp mapping

IE5000 running 15.2(4)EA5 How do I actually use the cos to dscp mappings? When I configure "match ip dscp 46 32", it's not displayed in the running config. I have configured a table-map but how do I apply it? table-map cos-dscp-tablemapmap from 0 t...

Resolved! ACL incomplete command

Trying to add extended ACL to 881 router getting Incomplete command at the end. If I ? it just returns all the options I have already selected. At a loss to whats going on here is it a bug or am I missing something really obvious? Router881(config-ex...

Config Backup Tool

Hi I am just query what other people use to auto backup their configs for routers, switches asa's etc periodically. Currently we do have Rancid setup but just wondering if there are any simpler alternatives, even if we have to purchase

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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