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Resolved! L2 routing

Dears,    i have a layer 2 link that when I put an IP on the same subnet there is connectivity.  note that in the layer to there is a direct connection network as well static route. so I need to make routing with layer 2 from my HQ .   what is your r...

I've got an EHWIC-4G-LTE-V card in a 2921 router and am only able to connect via 1xRTT. Can someone take a look at the output below and provide some insight as to why I can't connect via LTE? Thank you. BroadbandLabv233#sho cell 0/0/0 allHardware Inf...

I am trying to setup my NAT for 1 Xbox 360, so when Port 3074 (UDP) is requested on my WAN IP, it will direct traffic to my Xbox 360 on UDP 3074. So basically a port forward, WAN_IP:3074UDP >> is on a 2600 series router.xbox 36...

Hi all,   My environment is currently using cisco 3750 & 3850 for edge switches (end user switch) and are physically located in different LAN rooms within the building. I like to know how do you effectively monitor the number of unused switchports av...

donnie by Beginner
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Hi,   Does Nexus 9000 supports Fabricpath or not  ? I see people claiming it does and other it doesn't and I can't find a clear answer.    Thanks

Vinny by Beginner
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I am trying to setup the framework for our guest wireless network.    I currently have 4 locations with one of those 4 locations containing the datacenter.   Our firewall has a DMZ interface setup on it.  This interface has an IP of  Thi...

Bonjour!   I have been trying to set up a web proxy (squid) with an ASR 1000 using GRE Redirect/Return. The problem I am facing is that it seems that the ASR is not redirecting anything to the proxy cache server. Here is the snippet of the relevant c...

Hi, Getting high ping latency to VLAN gateways which endpoint devices are working smooth. Ping report to VLAN gateway- C:\Users\juber.khan>ping -t Pinging with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=132ms TTL=254R...

I am working on a multi-tenant environment.  Smaller clients have dedicated VLAN's.  Larger clients have their own VRF's with multiple VLAN's.  One tenant wants to enable multicast for their VRF.  I am unsure if the VRF will recognize a packet with a...

rwills by Beginner
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We have two Nexus 7706s as our core. Standard-sized pings over the VPC peer link between the two are experiencing a small amount of packet loss - less than 1%. The peer link is a 2x10Gb port-channel. I tried isolating each physical link to see if the...

aweise by Beginner
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I have 3 line cards in my Cisco WS-4506-E switch. I want to add a 4th.  I'm not in front of the device at this time. Will need to make a trip. But I don't recall seeing any free physical space in my switch for more cards. The documentation says I can...

rzabaga01 by Beginner
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