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Hello all. I'm getting some random issues with Snom300 and Snom710 phones, and some windows terminal devices.Once in a while completely random, I get a laptop in the voice vlan sticky to the interface configuration. for security concerns, I get the m...

I've been having some performance issues with one of my Cisco switches for a while now. I originally posted on Reddit seeking some help. Now that the issue continues, I wanted to see if anyone had some ideas over here. I'm using a Cisco 3560G to hand...

vb543 by Level 1
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hi everyone,   i hope someone could help me, this is an customer issue. i have 4 switchs, but no stack,  SG200-50p with 1 PoE. On the PoE there are servers, routers and other switchs.   every morning i need to reboot my switch PoE because the network...

tribord by Level 1
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Hi all ,       I have a Layer 3 Switch where i am going to define the network on multiple SVI's and will work as a DHCP. I have multiple switches which will directly connects to the L3 switch. I would like to implement IP dhcp snooping to avoid any r...

Hi Cisco Techs, For all router on a stick scenarios, does ip nat outside command represent the external ip address that Isp gives the router? What would occur when there is a ISP supplied router and then cisco router? Does that mean double NAT?

Hello, I'm using a 1941w router and recently added a EHWIC-D-8ESG-P which has 8 ports. I had planned on splitting them into 2 different wired networks. To do this I was going to bridge 4 ports together. I attempted this with the 2 ports that the 1941...

Ed Lo by Level 1
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