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CISCO Boot Fix

A company voice gateway has this configuration in running configuration for IOS boot. boot-start-markerboot system flash:c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M4.binboot system flash:/c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M6.binboot-end-marker so here which IOS w...

3850 Limit bandwith on interface

Hi folks, I recently adquired a 3850 with 12 Giga ports and need to limit bandwith on one of it's interfaces. The srr-queue command doesn't function. Can anybody helpme please?? I want to limit all traffic in that interface. Thanks in advance. BR.

Packet cannot reach other sunetwork

Hi, Enclosed find my test network.With simulation panel i am trying to send packet from PC1 to PC2/PC3 however when packet reaching Router1 i got error. Can anyone explain me why it happens? Do i need to create static routes on all three routers? He...

Arie by Beginner
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A Little Help :)

Hi, I was wondering if someone is able to help me with a question? Basically, it is asking for the following, ...supply a report explaining the reasons behind moving to a router- switch configuration, and discussing the advantages and disadvantages o...

Resolved! making VSS from 2 standalone chassis

hi, I have 2 standalone chassiss (65xx) that I need to make a VSS pair. Now my Q is - do we first make those chassis as VSS pair by issuing switch domain commands etc.. OR first we configure (hostname,routing,acls, etc etc) on both chassis separatel...

Does N3548X support 40G SFP+ ??

Hi, Does N3548X support 40G SFP+ ? When I issue "show interface description", I found some interfaces speed are marked as 40G. These interfaces hardware are also show 100/1000/10000/40000. Any ideas ? The N3548X is running version 6.0(2)A6(7). Regard...

todd.hsieh by Beginner
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Resolved! STP problems?

Hello, we have some problems with packet lost on monitoring of "non used" devices in network. non used means it is not used to internet acces just stand by. On 1 core sw i found this while i enable debug for spaning tree STP: VLAN0050 heard root 28...

duplicate po1

Gurus, please help. i would like to remove the po1 but after doing no int po1, the 2nd po1 still show. !interface Port-channel1 no ip address hold-queue 0 in!interface Port-channel1 switchport mode trunk! sns001c2811t9003#sh int description | i Po1Po...

Unusual message at boot:

Hi all,I get an unusual error message on boot, on a stack of two 3750-48 POE switches:CFGMGR-4-SLAVE_WRITING_STARTUP_CFG: only master can do that. I've never noticed this before, and I don't know if it's my imagination, but the stack seems to be resp...

grassopj by Beginner
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