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Cisco Catalyst 3850 layer2 QOS

We had a small meeting this morning with our admin. We are upgrading from 3com to Cisco switches. He said we have a few things to address in the new setup. We have an I.P based PA system and he said that in small segments it works fine, campus wide t...

OSPF load balancing across WiMAX links

We have a Ship connected to onshore via 2 WiMAX links (as shown in diagram). We already have OSPF running at the onshore office, which we would like to extend to the ship. The ship will be connected by either link 1 or link 2 based on its location. I...

jennyjohn by Beginner
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Ether-Channel Configuration.

Dear CISCO Team, I am trying to configuring Ether-Channel between gigabit and fastethernet ports but channel couldn't formed. Can I create Ether-Channel between fastethernet and gigabitehrnet ports?  Kind Regards' Azib Naseem.

Add Module Card C2811

Dear friends in the community, Please help. I've just added a card 2FE in the Cisco 2811.but when I "sh run" sh interface and sho ip interface brief. card is no I received an error message as follows on log: *Oct 23 05:12:12.515: %GT96K_FEWAN-1-UNK...

High Latency default-gateway

I have  problem on my network the to the SVI interface the ping  is a  average or 500ms  the latency is only for the default-gateway from every vlan. on other pc on the same or diferent vlan the response is 1ms.