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design a small network for partner

Hi, We have a corporate network with 7K Cores and several access 3750x access switches. We have a request where a visitor& partner want to setup a small network with 5 pcs for their conference. In the past we provided a 8 x port Cisco switch hang o...

q-le by Explorer
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3850 Routing Capacity

Hello.  I've done some searching and haven't found any response that really speaks to my question, hence this post. Question: What is the routing capacity of a 3850? Background: Specifically we are using OSPF in our network. The OSPF "interface" is...

Resolved! Port Forward for Camera Server

I have seen several posts on port forwarding but each left out something that I am not sure about. I have a camera server on a LAN static IP ( and have a static WAN IP issued by my ISP ( I am switching out a lesser router...

EIGRP - Summary, AD, discard question

Hi, I was attemping to summarize to default the other day, and it raised some questions for me regarding EIGRP.  I applied summarization to default on the agg routers as shown in the diagram.  AD is set to 254 so that the default will not clobber ...

Resolved! Adding VLANs to a Port-Channel (Nexus 5K)

Can't find the answer I am looking for anywhere...What is the preferred order of operation when adding additional VLANs to a Port-Channel already in trunking mode?Do I add it to the physical port first then the port channel? Or the other way round?

mfurnival by Enthusiast
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Same MAC address on multiple physical L3 interfaces, Cisco 4503 (SUP7L-E, running IOS-XE 03.04.02.SG)

Hi All, I've encountered an interesting scenario today relating to some recently commissioned pairs of 4500 series L3 switches in a VSS configuration. Since deployment, there have been reports of random disconnects from users accessing resources at o...

Resolved! Inter-VLAN Routing

Good morning Community,I am having a problem setting up VLAN's on my home network. Here is the scenario:My ISP router is in transparent mode.I have an 1841 running in PPPoE mode and the public address is dynamic.I have verified that the IV Routing is...

tglasco11 by Beginner
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Resolved! frame-relay

R1-----R5-----R3,R5 is frame-relay switch ,. R1 can not communite with R3, what is the wrong ,please ?R5interface Serial1/0    ###### to R1 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay serial restart-delay 0 frame-relay lmi-type cisco frame-relay intf-typ...

Resolved! SNMP configuration

Dear All,below is the SNMP configuration, but I am little bit of confused. Like how does it work?Can anyone explain??? Also, i want to know the difference between SNMP and RMON. How can I use RMON here effectively?snmp-server community chas_ro ROsnmp...