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I am designing a temporary connection at a site with dual router redundancy running HSRP. I have two 2911 connected via 2 switches for HSRP. I need to manage those switches from behind the router. What would best practice determine I should use to ma...

embowers1 by Level 1
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Hi all, I have my Nexus 5000 and 7000 and I would like to know if I can have configurations that will affect all interface by default, example: for eigrp all interfaces are in "passive interface" thanks. 

Resolved! syslogging

Am wanting to know if it is possible, from a single isr or asa, to have isr or asa syslogging data sent to more than one collector(two specifically)

mialbert by Level 1
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Hi guys, hope someone can help with this. I'm sure its very simple but the kit is in a remote site and I want to make sure I have it right before calling the onsite guy there tomorrow We have: Modem connected to Cisco 800 WAN port configured with /3...

I currently have two 10 Gig circuits between two data centers running OSPF.  So, it is doing load balancing.  I just installed a new 100 Gig circuit between two data centers.  I know I have to adjust auto cost reference to get 100 Gig circuit to be p...

Peter Kim by Level 1
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Hi all, We are running into problems with a 4500X. The switch has high CPU and if we add more services to it, it collapses. Let me clarify that: - We have 189 VLANs and 185 RPVST instances - About 120 SVIs (VLAN interfaces) with ipv6 *only*. Typical...

Hi, I have DHCP snooping enabled but have a few questions. sh ip dhcp snooping statistics det Packets Processed by DHCP Snooping                    = 551 Packets Dropped Because   ...   Received on untrusted ports                         = 526 1. How...

Dear Sir/Madam,     same question on nexus 7000    I know i can  config etherchannel load balance base on global ,and module.    I want to config different etherchannel loadbalance method on different interface port channel on nexus 7000 or other nex...

fly by Level 2
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Hiwe have 3 cisco Layer3 Switches & a Router, and we are confused between 2 topologies, we need your help to select the best one.so is it good to connect all switches to router only or connect them togather instead of router to route all traffics bet...

Abuzar by Level 1
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Good day to All, I would like to start by saying that although I'm not very savvy with Cisco products, I usually am able to defend myself and get things to work. However this time I am totally in the dark regarding the issue that I'm confronting. I ...

should you configure trunking, native vlan, etc... before or after EtherChannel is established? do you configure this on the Port-Channel or the switch's physical ports? just did a Lab, and i got some weird native vlan mismatch on my physical trunk...

Hello! In attempt of updating of the software of the switch (on the last option 12.2 or 15.02) via the web interface - infinite loading of the software hangs. With which as system tried to load tar - and Linux and Windows. Browsers via which tried to...

victorsg1 by Level 1
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