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Hi Guys, I have a question about QoS deployment in a network. I have recently started working for a project network where they don't have QoS configured at all. As a best practice, I was about to suggest QoS configuration in this network. Current Net...

Hello,Is there any difference between the following configuration :police 10485500 1966080 3932160 conform-action transmit exceed-action droppolice 10485500 1966080 3932160Which one is recommended ?I have a Catalyst 4900M switch on which I can apply ...

sebastien3 by Participant
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PC A has a 1500 byte MTU size and 1460 byte MSS size. PC A needs to send 9000 byte of data to PC B. PC B has a 1400 byte MTU(I am not 100%, but I heard MTU size can be changed) size and obviously 1360 byte MSS size. PC A will segment 9000 byte of dat...

Hello   i want to upgrade ME3800 to me380x-universalk9-tar.156-2.SP8  so with this command : archive download-sw /overwrite tftp:// ===> : @ip de platform  cisco prime it show me error message  ...

Hi all,I have a problem connecting my access point to Cisco switch with multiple SSID. I have two SSID with VLAN 10 and 20. On my router, I have three dhcp pool MGMT, VLAN10 and VLAN20. A switch is connected to router by Trunk mode and connected to a...

MYazdian by Beginner
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Hello,I installed a new router and trying to backup the initial configuration to our tftp server. But getting the error " %Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)"I can ping the tftp server from router. There is no firewall in be...

Yadhu Tony by Beginner
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Hello. I had a switch completely die on me. This is a first for me. It's a 24 port 3750. I only have 48 port 3750's around here that I can replace it with. I tried copying the config directly to the new switch and I'm using the same network module th...

surgebot by Beginner
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