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Hi, Currently i am running mls qos on existing old switches which needed to be replace. New switch with 15.x doesn't support mls qos..My current qos setting on access switch aremls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 26 32 46 46 56mls qosand on interfaceinterfac...

Wafabewafa by Beginner
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                   One of my customer approached me stating that almost all his cisco devices encountered a vulnerability "The UDP port scan could not complete: The remote host has remained silent for too longThis might be due to a firewall filtering...

Resolved! Switches features

Hi everyone !i'm a fresh network engineer and i'm looking for your advicei just want to learn more about "switching " features , and how to understand them in a good way, other features than STP, vPC and fabricpath for nexus switches , VSS for cataly...

Yea9632 by Beginner
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Hi guysBasically I'm working on a project that is to implement redundancy in a small ISP in my country, currently there is only one switch cisco 2950 and 2651XM router, the idea is it to be this way:Some time ago I ask what technology could be used t...

Hi, I am looking for the power consumption of Cisco 6509 switch, it has two powers supplies of 3000W and configured to be redundant so looks like it can use 2900Watts but I would like to know if this value is per hour? appreciate any advice on this -...

prigney81 by Beginner
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Dear Team,  Kindly, today i was working  on an issue at customer side and i noticed this strange trace: C:\Users\bana.laiq>tracert -d route to over a maximum of 30 hops  1     1 ms     1 ms    <1 ms  5.42.mm.n  2     1 ms...

I am currently testing the DLEP protocol for practical use.  Since it is so new and not very used can anyone tell me of a simulator or maybe even a GNS3 lab I can build to actually configure and test it?  Or even useful information about the DLEP pro...

bryanrobh by Beginner
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So this started suddenly after working for about a year. Clients are not getting IP addresses. We are using IP-helper for dhcp relaying. We are using 3750s across the board BUT we have an MPLS network between the client switch and the server switch. ...

TopicCUCM Publisher and Subscriber managementActivityDesign the topology as shown in the topology diagram. Study the CUCM operations in the redundancy environment and fulfill the following project requirements as per client request.Project Requiremen...

Configs are attached, but here is the description of problem We have a pair of Core Nexus 7004 connected to a pair of Firewall. Then Firewall connects to Pre-prod Nexus 5596.  Like so, N7k---------------N7k |                        | |               ...

CiscoBro by Beginner
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