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I was just reviewing a server heartbeat (HB) cable that was failing because it had only 2 pairs (1,2,3,6) and was crossed over in the typical way:https://ciscoccvp.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/img_3738.jpglike this above. this cable was missing the br...

will by Level 3
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HiI would like to get advice about vpn connection question, I need setup a remote office in another organisation, and no real link available, I have to configure a vpn link.can I use cat6500 setup a route-to-route vpn to link to another organisation?...

julxu by Level 1
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Hi I used command show ip interface brief. and I got the following output. My question is why Port G1/20 has TFTP, while other ports have unset ?Thank you SW-(config)#do show ip interface briefGigabitEthernet1/18    unassigned      YES unset  down   ...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hi all, I tried to implement an EVC with two ME3600X and I came into many problems. The two ME3600X's are connected via a layer2 circuit provided by another carrier via metro ethernet equipment. This L2 circuit is supposed to do q-in-q and be as tran...

Hi guys, I have a 3750X behind my new PA-3020.  All my vlans have IPs on the 3750 and therefore show as directly connected.  I want to move some vlans to the PA-3020.  I'm creating subinterfaces on my firewall, tagging them for the right vlans, etc. ...

Two deferent switches are connected to each other by using two cables. By default spanning tree running and blocked by one path and other path is using to send data. Now I need to block the working path and use to transfer data other path (the blocke...

samith_me by Level 1
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Hello, I have a situation where I have an existing Layer 2 RING setup with a spur connection to a server room. There is a root bridge configured in one of the locations of the ring. We are expanding the network and an additional Layer 2 ring has been...

Hola: Tengo este problema estoy instalando un switch SG500-28 quiero apilar 4 SG200 por medio de minigibi, al conectarlos solo me estan funcionando 2 puertos ya sea S1 y S2 o S3 y S4, pero si me enciende los indicador el LED´s cuando estan conectados...

s.i.t.i01 by Level 1
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Hi Everybody! I bought a AS2511RJ for my lab and a BL50R transceiver to allow my 2511 to access the LAN.  Now when I plug it with a Cat5e straight through cable from router A and configure a IP address on Ethernet0. I can see its receiving, but not s...