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We would like to refresh our legacy C4000, C3524 with either C3850 or C3650, The overall ports count is around 10,000. The Unified access is still up in the air, I cannot find any major difference between C3850 and C3650 (I don't think the stack back...

a12288 by Participant
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Resolved! Qos details

Hi Having 1 query on QosIn between switch-router , we have 1G port & we are plan to do Qos implementation.We are plan to allocate 400M B/w ( exceeding 400M will drop the traffic) for voice traffic in 1G Uplink  My query is : Assuming 400M voice path ...

Hello community, I was wondering if someone can shed any light on this...We have two buildings which we intend to connect via two different providers (probably metroethernet links). The two buildings will be on the same VTP domain (vlan extension fro...

 Hi, We are planning to replace one of our stack switch(2960 S 12.2(55r)SE ver) to new(2960 X 15.0(2) ver).Please explain the procurer before connecting in the stack and after connected.  1) If we need to upgrade the master switch version to 15.0(2) ...

pramodjos by Beginner
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Hi,     I have a problem with NAT because i am confused with basically 2 command's one is "# ip nat source static X.X.X.X........" and the other is # ip nat source inside static X.X.X.X........" What is the purpose of adding or not adding the inside ...

Resolved! Etherchannel

dear siri have two links in my  switch 2960,3750 first fiber and second point to point link. Can i make etherchannel between them and which one layer two or layer three etherchannel? plz help me   

kabeer350 by Beginner
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After configuring SPAN on 2960, IDS can't connect to anything, IDS & PC client same switch on 2960Please correct the below configuration. interface GigabitEthernet0/1 description " To L3 3750" switchport mode trunk!        interface GigabitEthernet0...

Hello all, I have had a hard time trying to get this figured out.  Here is what I have.  A 1841 router and a 3560g L2 switch.  I have a block of 12 IP's from my ISP that I can use.  What I want to accomplish is each of the 11 external ip's will be ma...

Stratocomp by Beginner
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At Router Privileged mode , those following commands: config tint f0/0no ip addressno shutdownint f0/0.1encapsulation dot1q 1ip address f0/0.2encapsulation dot1q 2ip address i find it in a book...may i ...

cmcm88992 by Beginner
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