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 HI,  I am facing problem in spanning tree over L2 link.please find the digram for your understanding.   1) we have two 4500 switches in my HO as a core there are two links are connected between them & configured as a port channel.    2) We have some...

Hi, I just have a question about how should I design my network.  I need to design a campus network with about a 1000 students, staff and guest.  I have an idea of deisning a switched network with layer 3 switches, a web server firewall, access point...

   Hi,   I am facing problem in spaning tree over L2 links between my core switch in braanch to data centre switch, please find my network digram for your understanding,     1) we have two 4500 switches in my HO as a core there are two links are conn...

 Hii've got two cisco 3750 Switches where by the ios images have been erased from the units there is no back up version on the switches that i can see,I do have a swicth with a valid IOS image, My question is how would i go about taking a copy of tha...

 we are in process of updating our network. looking for high speed core. server traffic is on different vlanso is voice/ datawe are 98% VM  /SAN is running on seperate Fiberfuture: looking into deploying Virtual Desktop as well as over VPNlook at get...

rnbhatija by Beginner
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HiI've recently deployed PBR on catalyst 3850s and everything looks to be working ok. However I'm not seeing hits on the ACL or Route-map. I'm using the following commands to try and see hits: Show access-listShow ip policy - to check its appliedShow...

Hello all,I'm right now testing VSS dual active detection using EPAgP on a 3750X Stack.I've noticed that CrossStack Etherchannel is ONLY supported within a Stack if both aggregated links belongs to the same unit...so if I use "desirable" mode all the...

oguarisco by Participant
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Hi,I just want to know is there any way to enable IS-IS optional metric like delay, expense, and error? I know that Cisco only implemented default metric (cost) as stated in the document, but I just wondering is there any way to enable its optional m...

aldindha17 by Beginner
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     I am configuring VLANS on 2960x switches by building.  We have about 15 buildings and would like to have each building be in its own VLAN.  This issue I am having is that we have some devices that are static IP's and when those devices are pluge...

33sanders by Beginner
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