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Have anyone tested getting GLC-GE-100FX working on NM-4G in a Cat 9200? Have tried with ver 16.12.4 and 17.3.4b. In both cases show inventory looks a bit strange: No PID is read from the SFPswitch#show inventoryNAME: "c92xx Stack", DESCR: "c92xx Stac...

sokarlsson by Beginner
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I have a 9500 12Q with nothing but 40GB QSFP ports running 17.3.4.  I've purchased a breakout cable to take the connection to 4x 10GB connections and have been attempting to follow the directions in the following linkhttps://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/...

markmcg87 by Beginner
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Hi experts!I am looking to free up space on some flash for some 3750-X switch stacks with very old IOS on them.  They are in production.Is it okay to remove the .tar file from the sub-directory of each flash?For example I have a stack with 12.55.se5 ...

Paddy S by Beginner
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After installing a GLC-GE-100FX SFP module in a new switch running 12.2(44)SE, I notice that the Gi0/1 interface no longer allows changing duplex. I've not found any information online to describe this as a limitation. Can anyone explain this?Here ar...

triaton by Beginner
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Hi folks,we have a 9300 switch, every port ist configured to use port security with one sticky MAC-address and everything works fine. Now we like to do some checkings in our network using a test tool from FLUKE. As soon as I connect and start testing...

drehstrom by Beginner
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I ordered a L3 Catalyst 3550 switch from ebay, plugged it in and was greated with these errorsIOS Version 12.1(14)EA1A00:32:48: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_ERR: Controller error, Controller number 5: accessing failed00:32:51: ***Err: I2C_do_transaction fai...

sahr by Beginner
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Hi All ,We have two Cisco 4503E core switches in our network and VSS is configured between them but it isn't work properly or something is wrong in the connection/configuration. internet and vpn are not stable for some users (there are a lot of packe...