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apply ACL on vlan

       Amended the post      Hellocan someone guide how to  apply access-list to a vlanoffice_A connect to Office_B on different floors on vlan 10need to allow inbond and outbond trafficConfig of Office_A and host VLAN int vlan 10ip address 192.168.1...

HI friends i am facing issue regarding the hosting of an application on the firewall .

Dear friends i configure public ip on firewall interface ,and i have one more public ip for hosting of the sqp application publicly,so please how can i do this can any one let me know configuration is below.THE BELOW ARE THE IP ADD FOR THE SERVER HOS...

Resolved! STP processing time questions

Once the intial BPDUs are exchanged between the switches, they'll come to know who should be the ROOT.Q1. HOw much time the swiches need to calculate the Root switch, will it depend on thesize of the network ? Or else there is any fixed time saying t...

Unable to forward port 443 using Static NAT

Hi there,Thanks in advance for your assistance.I have configured Static NAT to forward port 443 to internal IP address as follow:ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface Dialer1 443I am only getting "Page Not Found" when ...

nikunj_it by Beginner
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Cisco CE500 restarting.

One of our buildings has a 24-port poe CE500 that restarts about 2 times a day. I've swapped it out with another CE500 and also swapped out the UPS, however I am still getting reboots once a day. Do you know what would be causing a reboot? I've check...

Network Devices Latest Version - CISCO

Hi Team,We plan to upgrade latest version for the below network devices, Please give us advice about recomended latest version?Nexus 7K Current Version : version 5.2(1)Nexus 5K Current Version : version 5.0(3)N1(1c)Nexus 1000v Current Version : 4.2(1...

LAN switched network

anyone know what the average bandwidth for a company based on LAN games and Online games are?(it could be any game)what factors must take into account to design a LAN switched network based on hierarchical model?cheers

Catalyst 4500-X, VSS, and SVI

Hello, everybody!I have a proyect to implement the feature VSS, with two catalyst 4500-X, it will be the layer Core/Distribution.So, I want integrate in the catalyst 4500X, Inter vlan routing (SVI)  and vtp domain,  in the layer access, we´ll have  S...

Enterprise design help

Gents We are building a new site with 8 floor each floor will have around 300 people plus WAP.........as standard we will be conecting to MPLS private WAN cloud via BGP back to the datacentre.....i have couple of questions and need some help:in core ...

VOIP phone not getting IP from correct VLAN

Hello,(sorry not sure if it is a VOIP or Switch issue)We are installing a couple of VOIP phones in a new office, the VOIP service is hosted and the phones are Yealink. Off these VOIP phones are PC, but both the phone and PC get an IP from the DATA VL...

Andy White by Participant
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