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Resolved! Block a Single IP address

Hello everyone,I seem to have a rogue DHCP server on the network and have not been able to locate it.  The switch shows it connected to switchport Po1, which I believe is the EtherChannel.  can someone send me the commends or a link to blocking a sin...

angel-moon by Participant
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Resolved! Isolation of Private Manufacturing Subnets

I am looking for a simple way to isolate a private manufacturing network so it can not speak to or be advertised to the business network, This is all connected to a single 4506 switch.Currently I have 10 VLANs setup. 8 are on the business network and...

Auto Upgrade of Stack 3750 Switch

Hello Team,I have a Cisco 3750 switch as core ( 48 Port)  , we purchased a new Cisco 3750 (24 Port) switch with stack cable. below  the information of both switch .1) I would like to know whether the new switch once added to stack will upgrade automa...

binoy.baby by Beginner
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Cisco Catalyst 3750G dropping DHCP Option 82

We are trying to deploy ISG functionality into our small network. But faced with the problem. Our aggregation switch Cisco Catalyst 3750G (C3750-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(44)SE4 drops all DHCP requests from access switches (Allied telesis 8000...

DHCP and LAN troubles

Hi all and thanks in advance for your help.I've been experiencing troubles on my LAN for 2 days.Is it because of my 2 new computers (Dell E5530 / Win 7 Pro)?Anyway here is the situation:My DHCP pool is settled on my 3750 stack.A couple of computers c...

plebras by Beginner
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6500 catos image

Hello , I was trying to get new image for my 6509 switch which have below currently our main objective was to get SSH enabled can you please advise what image I should go for . Model WS-C6509 Current Image cat6000-supk8.7-6-10.bin1   1    2     1000B...

6509 show flash

Hello All,Bit confused with output of show flash and show boot where is actual image used why it says slot0 in Boot and show version has image 'bootflash:BTSYNC_cat6000-supk8.7-6-10.bin----------------(enable) sh flash-#- ED --type-- --crc--- -seek--...

MAC address "Drop"

Dears,         we configured 2960 switch with dot1x multi-domain authentication , suddenly the user lose its IP address and by entering "sh mac address-table interface fa x/x" i found 1 xxxx.xxxx.xxxx Dropand some times found the same entry for IP ph...

Resolved! 4506 switch SPAN limitations

I created 8 monitor sessions already with 1 destination port each,  but I'm unable to create a 9th  session. We have a lot of Proof of  concepts running and do you know how i  can do SPAN for multple  destination hosts, more than 8? I need a solution...

eddie5170 by Beginner
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Wireless Network Setup

I have two modems that are connected to a gigabit switch in the basement with  cat 5e hardwired connections going to 15 rooms in a house. I have a wrvs4400n that I would like to connect to one of these hardwired connections. Is this possible? I think...

Resolved! vtp in nexus switch for vlans

Hi,We want to cascade two nexus 5K switches together. I believe, this is possible. But, do we need to enable anything specifically before trunking these two together?Is there some special configuration to do the trunking of two nexus switches or norm...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Enterprise Router for small business

HelloI need a few suggestions on a enterprise class router (customer request) for a small office (about 10 users and growing).I have a client that has about 10 users an looking for a modular router that will take Eth as WAn handoff, and be able to ac...