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HiOne question about FCoE ConfigurationIs better to permit the Native VLAN (FIP VLAN) in the allowed trunk vlans or just left it in the native vlan configurationHere the two choices showing my doubtVLAN 1197 name FIP_VLAN!VLAN 1198 name FCOE_VLAN fco...

lomonaco by Level 1
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im trying to set up a new network back at the office but im having problems communicating between vlans.i hav one router(cisco 1941) and a switch (cisco catalyst 2960g). im using the router on a stick method.i have two vlans on the switch and i have ...

givencodes by Level 1
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I see "unknown protocol drops" on an interface of a 2960 switch and have a question.The "unknown protocol drops" do not seem to clear when I clear counters on the interface. Does anyone know how to clear them?

weichenb2 by Level 1
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HI to all ,we have modem: with no RF problem   the modem access to the internet durning 3-4 min then we lost conncetivty (ping ) to the cpe mac and we see this error from the log :%UBR10000-3-BPI_ENFORCE: Blocking CPE=6c2e.85fd.3d66 CM=6c2e.85fd.3d64...

Hi All,By mistake, I have removed the passwords under line con 0 and line vty 0 4.After I signed out I realized that I can't access (telnet). It's always giving me this message " Password required, but none set".As I've also removed the password unde...

I am a programmer with a small company so I also have to wear the hat of systems admin, helpdesk, and network engineer.  I know enough about networking to be dangerous so if you will take the time to answer please put it in simple language as I don't...

Please bear with me. I may be asking a simple question but the bottom line is I need some help.I have a single Cisco 3750 POE Switch  (10/100Mbps) and a Cisco 2901 Router (CME).My data network is on (VLAN 500) and Voice on

How IP addresses are found?I just wanna know how did people came to know that they need an IP address to assign to network devices?Please don't mind my question is too small or looks silly.Thanks in advance.Regards, Chandu