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QoS default

if we enable mls Qos command on a C3560, by default, all ports are untrusted + COS override:dis + default COS:0. if we have the below, what will be the QoS value at the egress? Untagged frame (Access port connect PC) - at egress will be COS:0???Tagge...

Redirecting show version to a text file

I am trying to view "show version" output on a text file (.txt) using"show version | redirect tftp://"in the CLI, but I keep getting a Timed Out error. Any thoughts or advice on how I would be able to open "show version...

Tcam and cam tables

Hi Allits been a long time since I looked at the basics :). Do switches use the cam table or tcam table for Mac learning ?also, if we were to add say 300 access list control entries and apply to a switch port, would this cause any negative impact to ...

Limit outbound traffic on C3650 to 200000pps

We have a device connected to a 3650 switch whose ethernet controller crashes when it receives more than 200000pps. The traffic to this device can have variable packet sizes, so it would not be practical for us to rate-limit by mbps. Is there any mec...

ronit by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 3560-CX - IGMP Querier commands does not work as in the reference guide

Hi! I have problem with IGMP querier config. I would like to change version 2, what 3560 uses default, to version 3. Reference guide says that go interfaces config and then type command ”ip igmp version 3”. After that I could config other parameters,...

Resolved! Stack removal

I am my honing my troubleshoot skills and I have a general inquiry on switch stacks. I have a member that went down and I am curious on do and donts of adding it back without restarting the whole stack. I am aware that stacking a live member will cau...