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                   Hi,We are observing high cpu of one of the backbone switch,We enable eem script & below are the cptureBut we are not able to pin-point the issue.event manager applet high_cpuevent snmp oid get-type e...

Hi i recently completed a CCENT and am now moving onto to CCNA. I came across a network recently shown in the attachment that had a problem and i have a few questions and am trying to debug it. Any suggestions would be appreicated.Device a sends info...

hi all,i was updating the IOS on a batch of 1841 routers and ran into a problem on this particular device.it showed me an error as below. i would appreciate if anyone could advise why it only happened on this device and if i need to add RAM in order ...

Hi I have connected Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982 AP with Cisco 4510 but AP is not powering up properly.It comes up for few sec then goes down, I have tried longer cable but it did not work.Please let me know if someone has any idea about this problem Regards...

Dear All,Well my question is i have two vlans and i want to translate them to my static ip like vlan 1 : 2 : configuration do i need to make so i can translate both of them to my static ip. Please help...

M Talha by Level 1
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Hi I have a question regarding peer-switch konfiguration on a vPC/vPC+ pair of N7K with vPC and non vPC attached switchesIf I understood correctly with following configurationfor vPC attached switches (assuming the have default STP-prio) the vPC-bund...

Resolved! Subnets per SSID

Hi all, I know this is a silly question but kinldy guide me as i dont have access to a proper wireless router/AP right nowI have understand that SSID essentially defines the WLAN client is connecting to. 2 SSID means essentially 2 different WLANs. Do...

Jonn cos by Level 4
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According to wikipedia, provisioning is prepraring or altering the state of an existing port. Could someone explain the real time needs or scenarios to provision a switch port. Thanks,Mugilan

mugil0901 by Level 1
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