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Dual Internet Exit Points

Ever havea brain block?  That is me right now.I am trying  to set up my home lab with two connections to the Internet as per the drawing below.  I would like for all PC's connected in both the and VLANS to use BOTH Internet c...

Resolved! Unable to Ping/SSH to Interface on 3925

I just barely put in a Cisco 3925 on our network. I've configured gigabitethernet 0/2 to live on our management VLAN with an IP address of I did a "no shut" on the interface. Everything should be ready to allow me to ping and/or SSH t...

mario11584 by Beginner
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Cisco IE 3000 - changing default ssh auth method

hi there.is there any way to set  the default ssh authentication method on the cisco ie 3000 to be "password"? I'd like to be able to just log on using username / password by running the following on a command line: ssh username@ then, ...

juleedev by Beginner
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Inserting device into dmz

I have a question regarding adding a web filter appliance into our dmz segment. Please see the attached diagram.Here is the scenario: I have a /28 subnet between my internal and external firewalls for L3 connectivity. On our internal firewall, I have...

Resolved! VLAN interfaces will not come up

       I am using an Old 3500 XL and I simply created a interface VLAN 100Description ***********ip address ip directed-broadcastno ip route-cacheshutdownno matter what I do i cannot get it to come up, the rest of the sw...

QoS on 3750 switch

I did the following basic MQC entries on a switch to see if packets will be marked with af31: mls qos access-list 100 permit ip host anyclass-map match-all CLASS1     match access-group 100policy-map QOS1     class CLASS1     set dscp af3...

Resolved! Advice on optimizing simple network structure

                   Good Day Cisco WorldI inherited a small network with multiple VLANS, I have always set the access ports as just an "access" access port with inter-VLAN traffic passed to a Gateway. I have a few questions that I have wanted to clari...

Want to move to snmpv3 from snmpv2 ?

Dear all,I was trying to move from snmpv2 to snmpv3forexample I have an access-list defined for rwand the snmp defined as below for snmpv2snmp-server host  xx.xx.xx.xx  v2c **************snmp-server community ********************* rw acl-aclnameFor b...

Resolved! connect 2 switches

I have 2 unit of WS-2950T. Each switch Giga1 I configured trunk mode. Connect using straight cable --> no lightConnect using crossover --> got light. Connected. Ping other sw OK!Do really need to use cross? i thought cisco sw auto detect?

Routing issues for WLC to APs

Good day all,I'm trying to resolve an issue I'm having with connecting a WLC to the access points. I've inherated a netgear WLC and access points. Having redesigned the network and moving the WLC into the datacenter I am unable to connect to the APs....

Private VLANs per Trunk port

Hi ALL !!!Can I transmit isolated/community VLANs per simple trunk-port (not hos-port)?For exampleI have  Router (R), agregation swtch (AgS) and Access switch (AcS)R <-> AgS <-> AcSThe Agregation switch must have promiscuous port to router and some t...

QoS Doesn't Work in the 3750.

                   I created the configuration below to limit the bandwidth, but doesn't work, Could anyone help me ?Qos - 3750!mls qosmls qos map policed-dscp  10 to 8!class-map match-all Testmatch access-group name ACL!policy-map QOSdescription Lim...