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I am following one tutorial on setting up WCCP with squid which is here at:http://www.crypt.gen.nz/papers/cisco_squid_wccp.htmlIn this tutorial, the clients and proxy server has been setup on the same interface( identify proxy-serv...

I have reset a 4506 to factory defaults and reloaded the switch. From there I have changed Interface VLAN1 to /24. i can then ping this from inside the switch. I also have a Laptop hooked up to this switch which has the IP of ...

We've got a new building coming online, and with this being the first entirely cisco deployment for us, I've run into an unexpected issue.We have a 3560-X distribution switch and a few 2960S switches at the access level.  We have Axis P3304-V cameras...

lmcnett by Level 1
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hello All , I have a query for NTP architecture which we are trying to impliment having  NTP server on 2Nexus 7000(HSRP pair ) but as we are planning to use loopback for NTP but as we cant have HSRP for it . I have 2 queries 1)should i use physical i...

I want to rate-limit a vlan to 200Mbps on a 1Gbps link. All traffic above the 200Mbps should be dropped. I have questions about the burst rates:1) Are the burst rates (normal and max) optional parameters ?2) If not, how can they be stated to most str...

boblutton by Level 1
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hello All , We have a cisco WS-4506 switch with current image of bootflash:cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA.bin but it doesnt support SSH, was bit confused which image to use for SSH as there are multiple ontion to choose from on Cisco software page for ...

Dear All,I am stuck in a problem. Hope you can share your experience and shed some light on it.[MY SETUP]I have two access point connected to a switch via truck ports as these AP's are broadcasting multiple SSID's with their respective VLANS.I have i...

I found a lot of references to this command but they all seem to be lacking details of how this command actually works.  For instance, what would be the difference between these two route-maps:route-map Oneset ip next-hop ...

tato386 by Level 6
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Hey,Have anyone ever had the hard drive fail on a NM-CUE module for 2851 router ? If yes can it be repaired by swaping out the hard drive (ata/ide) ? And do I have to format the new hard drive. How do I do this if it is even possible, my co-workers h...

Hi,on my c2960s-24-TS-L switch I have configured aaa, ssh and a user with privilege 15. When I open a ssh connection to the switch and login as the privileged user, I am not in the enable mode. On my 2960G switches it still functioning.Best regards,H...

hkupper by Level 1
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