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Hi all,Recently I have configured netflow on a nexus 7000 with NX-OS 6.0.2.In the meantime we have upgraded to version 6.1.3.Strangly enough the configuration of netflow demands to enable a netflow sampler now. In the past this wasn't necessary.Runni...

We have configured a new VLAN to segregate a higher security zone in our organization however response to/from it is slow.VLAN1 is where most of our internal network sits and accesses data across a WAN line that is fairly quick, 10Mb link and the dat...

Wolf-R1_2 by Level 1
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Hi,I have a new C4507RE+ and two Supervisor SUP7L-E (Primary Supervisor in the Slot 3, and the Standby Supervidor in the Slot4). And I have these question:I can connect 04  GLC-SX-MMD in the uplink ports of  Supervisor Engine 7L-E (Primary)?. I would...

Hi fellows,I would like to implement VSS on my Datacenter. I have a 6500 working standalone and I have servers and access switches connected to it. My question is what happen with the configuration of this switch at the moment that I restart it to im...

Hello,I have several 3560X series switches all running on 15.0(2)SE2, but there is one switch in particular that crashes every 5 weeks (almost to the hour). I have attached a crash file that I cannot decode. Can anyone tell me how to figure out what ...

Hi guys,recently we replaced our cat3750 boxes with WS-C4948-10GE. Everything works great, but we are distracted by log entries like this:000510: Aug 16 07:07:17.985 UTC: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te1/50: Rx power low alarm; Operating value: -4...

Hi all,often i get mac address flap error in switches, but unable to identify the cause for some cases.AS1---DS---AS2. Two switches AS1 and AS2 are connected to DS and i am seeing host mac address connected to AS1 being learnt from AS2 connected port...

Hi All,I just need to check if my switches are end of sale or life.Catalyst 3750PID VID: WS-C3750G-24TS-E V07SN: CAT1129RGRUCatalyst 2960PID VID: WS-C2960-24TT-L V02SN: FOC1110Z82LAny help will be much appriciatedMany thanks.

Hi all,I am relatively new to Cisco and to give you an idea of where I am technically, i got my ICND1 earlier this year and just started ICND2.I have an 887 (887VA-K9 v02 to be exact) and what I'm trying to achieve, although seems very simple is not ...

connor002 by Level 1
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I want to make only local hosts to see my snmp trapthe problem right now it can be seen from wan any help snmp-server community public ROsnmp-server community private RWsnmp-server source-interface informs Vlan1snmp-server enable traps syslogsnmp-ser...

moalomar1 by Level 1
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