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Is it necessary to change the MTU for SVL links in a scenario in which interfaces are configured with MTU larger than default 1500 bytes?Traffic could flow between chassis through SVL links in a Stackwise Virtual cluster. Could not find any reference...

ckuwajima by Level 1
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Hi there, We're currently running a Cisco WS-C3850-12S switch with fiber interfaces for our network. It utilizes Layer 3 VLANs with basic routing and a few VRFs. While the Cisco C9300X-12Y-A seems like a suitable replacement, it exceeds our current n...

Moudar by VIP
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Hello all,i have a problem.i have 4G router from ISP and the port is connected to HP switch then one of HP ports connected to my Cisco Switchwhen The power is off then on at 4G router .. the 4G router internet light became red and that's mean there i...

Hello, Very new too packet tracer. I am creating a water level monitor with automated water pump smart system. I have created a "thing" for the pump, and have the pump, water level monitor, home gateway and smart phone connected. However when i go in...

seanyald by Level 1
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Hi, I am working for a large campus network. The network has more than 10 VLANS in a Layer 3 Switch(Catalyst 3750). Customer wants to stop intervlan routing between all vlans . How will i do that?

rk6171485 by Level 1
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Resolved! NTP

Hello everybody so i have been assigned to a task from my manager he wants me to activate ntp on a cisco switch (catalyst  9200 ) i have all the command line but he keeps telling me you are missing something not on the commands but where to apply thi...

Hey all,I ran a command to allow all VLANs on port one of the fiber network module on my C9300 switch. This was the command:switchport trunk allowed vlan allAfter I hit enter, PuTTy froze, and then I lost connection to my switch. I went to check it, ...

Does the Catalyst 2960-X or 350-P network switches have internal coin cell batteries to retain memory or clock settings? If so, what is the part number of this battery. Alternatively do you have a safety compliance document for the battery which allo...

Hello Professionals,I setup the NTP server in one of branch site and would like to make all network switches to see this server including other branches. - NTP server: (placed in CST timezone, it refers pool.ntp.org) - NTP Client: Switch...

eeebbunee by Level 1
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