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Hello Everyone,I'm planning to deploy C9300-24S stack of two with modular uplink(C9300-NM-8X1). I need to know:Q1. As i can see the switch is not going to consume much power because of SFP port, Can i use two redundant power source (PWR-C1-350WAC) fo...

Himelr by Level 1
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Hi, I got a Catalyst 1000 switch (C1000-8FP-E-2G-L)When i try to open the GUI i get this: When i click on "Web Console - Manage the Switch through the web interface." i get 404 Not Found Any ideas?!

Moudar by VIP
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I am working with Router on a Stick. I have set this up a few times in Packet Tracer. I can never get the router and switch to ping. Everything else works great. I have setup ip for vlan 1, set default gateway for vlan 1 and in global, made sure vlan...

can anyone help to change the below Juniper 802.1x config to Cisco 9200 config. set protocols dot1x authenticator authentication-profile-name CLIENT-AUTHset protocols dot1x authenticator interface OFFICE-LAN supplicant single-secureset protocols dot1...

Jsapkom by Level 1
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Good morning ,  please could you support to us in the following question? 2960 24 TC-L  one of its feature is 2 dual purpose uplink ports , it means one RJ-45 and one SFP  port , by default when we start the switch the SFP port goes to active keeping...

Hello. I have a question:I have 2 trunk ports in port-channel with LACP. One of them is down. But what happens when this interface goes up. My understanding is that when LACP negotiation is finished the traffic start passing over the link, but some V...

Defututus by Level 1
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Hello community!I have two 93180YC-EX in VPC, NX-OS mode: BIOS: version 07.66 NXOS: version 7.0(3)I7(9)  Sometimes we experience unknown unicast flood for ~1-3min due to disappeared MAC. This situation arises every several hours randomly. At the time...

enkisan by Level 1
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Hello,I have recently gotten a 4948-10GE and am trying to get it setup to be used for my home networking lab.  I am unable to get any type of connection to the switch with a direct connection from my PC plugged into the MGT port. I have the PC NIC se...

Tarwyn by Level 1
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Hello all,I am starting small and purchased the Cisco 110 series unmanaged switch. I just connected my XFinity cable modem using the provided yellow ethernet cable to the cisco 110 on ethernet port 1. I have noticed at the upper left LED light is fla...

I need to connect the Meraki switches below on single-mode fiber. We tried all the combinations, including swapping cables and changing SFPs, unfortunately, it won't work. Could anyone help me which SFP is compatible? switch model: MS225-24 ---->> MS...

Milind7 by Level 1
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