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I have recently gotten a 6509E, with dual Sup720's.   It is currently running s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF14.bin, and I'm trying to get it to the most current level.   From what I see it goes to 12.2(33)SXH5 but when I go to download the nex...

I have a 3560-X running LANBase.  I put it on a temporary license to get routing going and have purchased/received an upgrade license.  Here's my question:If the temporary license runs out, does the switch immediately revert to LANBase or does it wai...

Hello All,A senior engineer in my team prefers to implement QoS marking on all layers core,distribution and access layers. I disagree with him because were are using stacked switches and uplink is 1GB to distribution switches and the access switchpor...

Resolved! VLAN filtering

I wanted to stop communication between PC1 & PC2 where PC1 is in VLAN 10 and PC2 is in VLAN 20 and applied the following configurationmac access list extended MAC_FILTERpermit host <mac of PC1> host <mac of PC2>vlan access-map FILTER_MAP 10match mac ...

rehan_uet by Level 1
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HelloJust to know if there is anything like an "event fail" vlan in the WLCI know that Switches have the command " authentication event fail.." or "server dead" that are used when the RADIUS is out and not to block new authentications, does anyone kn...

i want to block everything vlan 210 from accessing vlan 250 and vice versa but it doesnt workip access-list extended ALLOW_VLAN250permit ip any any ip access-list extended BLOCK_VLAN210deny ip any anydeny icmp any any vlan access-map VLAN250MAP 250...

Hello,I am trying to find a way to isolate a internal web server located on a 3560 switch.We have multiple computers on the vlan that the server is part of.I am wondering if it is possible to isolate that server to be only accessable to either certai...

Can someone help educated me on what the primary use of this module is? I'm not clear on the difference between centralized forwarding and local forwarding. I have one in each of my two 6513's connecting them together and would like to use the unused...

sgreen by Level 1
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Hi All,I have installed Solarwind TFTP on my windows xp machine and trying to downgrade my cisco switch image to c3750-ipbasek9-tar.122-35.SE5.tar the current version is "flash:/c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE5/c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE5.bin" Gives me ...

Hi expert,I would like to connect two equipment (Cat 4506 and router 2901) together via AUX and Console port. The path is followingPC workstation ---> Internet ---> Cat 4506 --> vai AUX port of Cat 4506 to access 2901's console port.Is it possible? I...

anitachoi3 by Level 1
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Hello,i have a 2901 router (IOS version 15.3)  and after i plugged the Ethernet module into one of its EHWIC i found that the router doesn't detect it and the other router detected it and no traffice is passed through it. does any one know why that h...

hanyawad by Level 1
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Ladies and Gents,I am thinking about enabling "ip dhcp snooping" on my 3750G switches and was reading through all the options:  .   I want the option that will protect my network from dhcp snooping but I'm not sure which option to enable.  I am runni...

dacruzer1 by Level 1
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      Can someone help me with the image file nameing? what is the difference between .. I'm not sure what the C means?c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M6.bin   and   c2800nmc-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M6.bin

dcarr3311 by Level 1
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