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Stacking + DHCP

Dear all,We are considering to use stacking feature but would like to make sure about the behavior before we go for it.The question is, for example, when we have 6 Cisco switches stacked and DHCP client is used on the stacked switches.What is the MAC...

antliu620 by Beginner
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Resolved! 891W ISR: Argh, can't get SSID to broadcast

I'm working with some 891W's that have the internal 800-series AP.  I'm not overly proficient yet with Cisco or IOS but I'm learning.  I have this router set up initially using Cisco Config Express, then, using Cisco Config Professional 2.5 I set up ...

cluovpemb by Beginner
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igmp ssm-map static

I was kind of curious on something. I recently changed my ssm static maps to directly specify which multicast source a particular multicast would be coming from. This is coming from a provider outside of my network. IE:ip igmp ssm-map static 40 10...

jwilde by Beginner
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Resolved! problem qos on c3750x Stack

Hi All,I want classify and marking traffic on access port with C3750x Ios:12.2(58)SE2 Lanbase but i don't have any packet.With the same configuration on C6500 it's ok.Here my configuration on Switch:!interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1switchport access vl...

nat problem with cisco 8100 router

I need help with a NAT problem with a 8100.  I have 3 of these units and one stopped working so I bought a replacement.  I set the new one up exactly like the others.....the only difference being that the new one did not have a NAT tab in the web gui...

dlc by Beginner
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How many broadcasts are too many broadcasts.

Hello everyone,1 day and 2 hours ago I cleared the counters on a SVI on a 6509 running IOS.  Since then the interface has received 1386034 broadcasts (89547 IP multicasts).  I have a few questions about the interface's broadcast counter:1. Is there a...

eclinton by Beginner
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Crypto key w/ Archive

Hi,           It seems when I manually do a write mem, the crypto key is sent to the SCP server. When the archive is activated automatically with the time-period config, the switch doesn't send the crypto key. Is this by design?Thank you, Pat

Trunking between Cisco 3500XL and 3Com 4800g

I know this is not a 3com support forum, but am hoping that the Cisco GuRu's are watching.  I teach the Cisco Network Academy.  Our IT Staff recently upgraded the network infrastructure and changed our switches to 3com 4800g's (about 2 years ago).I w...

knichel67 by Beginner
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stuck on routing

I'm relativey new to Cisco products, but not networking itself.I have two devices, as laid out below:   Internet        ^        |Cisco ASA 8.2 <---> Cisco 2811The inside interface of the ASA is  I have a cable connected to the 2811, and...

Constant Ping issue on 3750

Hi,When on our 3750 Core Stack we get the following when pinging a device on a vlan.any ideas?Sending 500, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

SSlacks2a by Beginner
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Okay, I am stepping in some completely unfamiliar territory that I need advise on. About a year ago, the company I work for added a new DR site. This site is connected by a 2 1gigabit connections. We had a lot of trouble with performance, and we had ...

Configuring 4507R for LACP and Trunking?

We're trying to configure our Cisco 4507 (Supervisor Engine IV) to allow a new Dell server with a pair of Broadcom 5708 GigE NIC's to aggregate its NIC's to give us a 2gbps link to the switch.So far we seem to have got the team and LACP up and enable...