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          I have a port channel that is set up as a trunk. I currently am allowing certain vlans but would like to change it to add another vlans. I want to know if I change it will I experience any down time.Example(Current Port-channel and ports)in...

GreetingsI need to connect two switches with each have different Vlans and wants to Connect the users of These Switches to Existing Network of Company(Vlan 1 ; showing Right in the picture).I have created Vlans and able to route packets from Two Vlan...

Hi,Anyone know if the 3560 or 3750 "X" series support GRE.I am pretty certain the older 3750-E does not support GRE (both in hardware and software)Was hoping the new super duper X series do. If not, it could get expensive Any advice appreciated.thank...

mcroft by Level 1
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Good day!In Sup32 Q&A section stays thatQ. What PFC3B features will the Sup32 support at FCS?GRE tunnelingHW ready, IOS requiredIn Cisco Catalyst 6500 Wiring Closet Innovations Architecture Overview stays thatGRE Feature support is dependent on softw...

Hello,Just wanted to know if someone could confirm if the onboard interfaces on an ASR router (4x on ASAR1002, 6x on ASR1002-X) are fixed gigabit or are they 10/100/1000 ?Next: I assume the interfaces on the 8port Gigabit SPA module are fixed gigabit...

gnijs by Level 4
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I was hoping someone can help me with an EtherChannel scenario.  If you have an L2 Gigabit EtherChannel that is going across a provider network (provider tunnels EtherChannel) and each gig port (two ports in this scenario) is getting policed to 100Mb...

Hi,I am getting a very strange problem where 4500 switch is remarking the packet with dscp 1 to 0.Let me explaint the setup.  I have two PCs connected on same switch but on different modules. PC1 is conencted to Gi4/19 and PC2 is connected to Gi2/43....

Hi everybody,Maybe some have the same issue and know workaround, how to avoid crash of cisco?========= Start of Crashinfo Collection (02:39:43 EET Fri May 10 2013) =========For image:Cisco IOS Software, c7600s72033_sp Software (c7600s72033_sp-ADVIPSE...

ruslank by Level 1
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