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  I have to add a 2960s PoE switch to an existing stack of two 2960s PoE switches. If The new switch has no configuration on it and the existing stack is broken by pulling te stack cables and then new cables are added and everything re-cabled correct...

Mike Mott by Level 1
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Hi,I need to choose router for my network.I don't have any special need, besides Internet connection and DHCP for some guest clients.There are around 30 IP phones (static IP), 30 PCs (static IP), and 10 wireless APs (users get dynamic IP).Maximum loa...

Resolved! 871 Set up fails

I dont understadn how this works but basically I have enabled dhcp or so I thought bu clients dont get a lease.  The vlan does but clients connecting to the switchports attached to the vlan do not get a lease and cant connect to anything.  If I stati...

Hi All, I am looking at deploying a Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller (vWLC 7.3).Do I need Prime Infrastructure to manage the environment, or can I manage my AP's (1200 series) using the vWLC alone?I can't find any info to support this, so if you...

We have the below config on our distribution switches.Dist-B is the Active switch for VLAN117 and I am tracking the uplink on the Dist-B so the priority will go down by 15 if the uplink (g1/1) goes down.Dist-Ainterface Vlan117 ip address 2...

Hi, I have a cpe with one interface that has 3 sub interfaces off of it for the local lan.  I also have two mpls circuits. Once metro ethernet and one t1.  When failover happens to the T1 i want to have only the lan traffic destined for other mpls si...

lkadlik by Level 1
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I manage a 6513 located at remote site which experienced an "NVRAM: out of space" condition due to the configuration becoming too large.  I converted the config mode from binary to text and enabled the auto-save feature.  I will visit the site this w...

                   Hi,We have 5 - cisco 3750 stack and recently we are facing issues with backup jobs failing intermittently and having performance issues. We have been monitoring the switches, and we have found big buffer misses reported by solarwin...

Nick wfd by Level 1
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Hi,I'm testing the DHCP snooping feature and I don't understand why is blocking my devices with static IP.What I can understand from cisco documentation is that DHCP snooping will inspection ONLY DHCP messages send from untrusteds ports, if it only c...

Switching and Routing Problem Fix Most importantly, one should be concerned with personal safety. Be certain to date a person several times online prior to exchanging information like phone numbers or before setting up a plan to meet. When one does s...

Hi,I had to configure remotely a new VLAN interface on a cisco switch that had this vlan configuration :(I am connected remotely using telnet on Vlan1 ip address no ip route-cache!So as I understo...

manui31804 by Level 1
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