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Resolved! Copper Ethernet into Nexus 5548

Hello...new to the nexus world. We have a server that we would like to use on our new Nexus 5548 however, it has only Copper ethernet. Does Cisco have a copper SFP for the 5548. I know that 6500's had a copper SFP but, I'm not sure if that would be c...

dan hale by Participant
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setting up NAT on a cisco 800 series router

Hi There,I have a Cisco 800 series router that I need to set NAT up on. There will be four computers connecting to the internet through it. I already have the IP address coming from my cable modem I just do not know the command to get it to translate...

tekky1988 by Beginner
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Resolved! Solving an argument on "255" in IP's

Someone made the following claim, the IP's: invalid because "octets of 255 are not valid in unicase IP addresses."I say that's not true, that "255" can be used anywhere, and can in some circumstanceseven be used in the l...

Resolved! 4948-10GE 1gb X2 support?

I need to terminate a multi-mode gig fiber connection into a 4948-10GE switch (X2 10gb slots) but it appears that the switch does not support the twingig convertors. Has anyone done anything like this? I'd like to terminate a 1gb point-to-point fiber...

randerson by Beginner
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SMB switch and trunking

Hello Experts,Could anyone confirm if the following model support VLAN trunking? We are planning to replace a Dell PowerConnect 2724 switch which cannot properly talk to our Catalyst 3750-X. We have discovered that Dell switch requires GVRP enabled t...

Traceback error decode

Hi Does anyone know how to identifiy the following caveat, I have the following from the crashinfo. It only seemed to crash a single 3750 in the stack.%SUPERVISOR-3-FATAL: MIC exception error 80 E30700CF 0 DBF0 -Traceback= 1849408 184CA1C 179B928 179...

DOT1X & 3550 Switches

                   Hi,I am sorry to post regarding an ancient switch, but hoping someone can help ?We have successfully configured dot1x on our 3550's (running 12.2-44.SE6) but we get no message in syslog.I have set logging trap, history & buffer to ...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Resolved! access control list problem

Hello, I am trying to deifne an access control list to permit traffic from all internal (172,16.0.0/16) addressess, and deny all other traffic.I have created the following:access-list 1 permit 1 deny anyand applied i...

fran19422 by Beginner
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