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I'm trying to configure scp for secure config backup. I've configured the SCP server with an account and password but, I keep getting the no such file or directory error       AP-C2R1C5-3750#sh run | b archarchivepath scp://mchenry:PASSWORD@172.20.22...

Resolved! Connect 2 networks

We have two networks that need connecting and having problems.Network 1 is using subnet on Vlan 1 and we need to add network 2 to network one on the same subnet, the problem is network 2 3750 switch on Vlan 1 is using 10...

Hi, we have 5 sites connected with a combination of direct fiber and Service Provider Ethernet. The equipmet consists of 3750 stacks with IP Services. Currently each site runs full EIGRP and is a EIGRP neightbor to all the other sites. Everything is ...

dporod by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, I recently upgraded my network to have two 3750x core, one interface on the cisco is connecting to a Netgear switch via a fiber converter. I am keep getting the vlan flapping error message in my log as below. 003396: Sep 17 01:46:16.328:...

jaydenle by Beginner
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I have a 3750G switch in my production network that only has VLAN 1 on it. All ports are in a default state and VLAN 1 is disabled. The switch is passing traffic but shouldn't having the default VLAN shut down cause the ports not to pass traffic? If ...

craigm7513 by Beginner
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Hi EveryoneWe are running OSPF with 4 point to point parallel links between two routers to carrying MPLS traffic.The said 4 parallel links have equal cost to load balance traffic, however the actual traffic between the 4 links are unequal.The first l...

Hello, regarding the output of this 'show ip ospf neighbor detail' command which has been run from the router (I have attached an image of the link etc).I am confused by the neighbor IP address and the interface address. I presume the nei...

fran19422 by Beginner
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Hi,I am having this strange issue.The scenario is like thisHave 2 routers connected to two different ISP's and have different subnets.When iam trying to give one of the WAN ip address of range of suppose router B to my pc it is giving ip address con...

shakeerali by Beginner
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Hello to you.I have PC connected to back of router. I have internet connected to front of router. I can browse the internet from PC but I don't understand why.I have very restrictive inbound access list on the router interface connected to the intern...

Hi All,We have some 3560G switches and 2950 switches. There is one 3560G used as a distribution switch connecting to other 3560G switches or 2950 switches. We configured 1000/full between 3560G connections and configured 100/full between 3560G and 29...