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Policy Map Question

Hi, I'm trying to resolve an issue with phones on remote routers thet keep re-registering throughout the day. I changed the:policy-map shaperclass class-default    shape average 2000000  service-policy voice_and_videoTo:           policy-map shapercl...

6509 IOS License Question

  Hi guys, two questions about IOS License  I have today 2 6509 switches with a IOS Advanced Services SSH.  I bought 2 news supervisors with a IOS IP Services SSH to replace the today supervisors.  I'm using IOS 12.2, not 15.x  Two questions about Li...

lomonaco by Beginner
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Resolved! Loopback address design questions

First, picture a pair of Cat6509's, attached to a pair of Cat3560's... connecting over a telco TLS circuit to a remote site.  At the remote site is another pair of 3560's, then a pair of ASA's, and one more pair of 3560's.I've been asked to put loopb...

mikearama by Beginner
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by Not applicable
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splitting vlan traffic

i have several cisco sg300's (in L2 mode) and i would like to have certain vlan traffic go through 1 fiber port and other vlan traffic go through the other fiber port.i'm using vlan 100 for data(untagged) and vlan 200 for voice(tagged)ports 1-24 have...

VLAN ID problem on CE 520G switch

Hi,New Catalyst Express 520G switch is to be connected to 6509 using a trunk. The existing network consists of 3560 switches as access and 6500 as core. The existing Voice VLAN ID is 1000 and 1001, where VLAN 1000 is for Voice servers and 1001 is for...

cisabucho by Beginner
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FEX Questions

Need two things, please:1.) a Link to a design guide that shows all the combinations of how I can connect a FEX to a 5K/7K2.) The highest number of 2232 10G FEXs I can connect to a pair of 5/N7ks.        Thank you

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Console switch configuration

     What are the security issues in connecting a notebook to a console of the 2950 switch?Can  virus or trojan enter into a switch during configuration session? If the answer is yes, what precoutions must I take to prevent such case?Does anybody hea...

felixroll by Beginner
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Resolved! mac address security

Hi,How do we check the max mac limit configured on the switch for permissible no. of mac address. For example, a switch might have been set for allowing only 25 mac address in numbers, allowed on the configuration.Is there any command to check this?T...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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