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Hi everyone.I have a client with two Catalyst 6500Es in VSS and four stacks of 3750 switches. Each stack is dual-linked to the 6500E core using two port channel links. There is a small Netgear switch connected to stack 1 with less than a handful of P...

ccatindig by Beginner
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Hi,we have the following setup. ISP  <------- Firewall <----------- Switch                                          (Vlan100)                                                  |                                                  |                       ...

We have two router and 2 core switches ,running EIGRP between four devices..MPLS       DLS link          \     /         R     R          /      \         /        \        S--------SCan we delete  default routes from "ip route Next_h...

s.kanth by Beginner
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En cours de modérationDear all,I write on this community support to ask you your help to made a special configuration.I have a network of 3 cisco 2611XM routeurs connected on the same network with their interfaces f0/0.On the f0/1 of the 3 routers I ...

hi all,I'm fairly new to the world of Cisco (and by fairly new, I mean I've been reading the ICND1 book over the past few weeks), and have decided to buy a few routers to start getting some hands on experience on real equpiment.While I managed to con...

allitnils by Beginner
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Goal: We have a workstation that processes sensitive information and we want that workstation to only have access to very select endpoints on our LOCAL LAN and also internet access.Solutions:1.  At first we explored VACL, this worked well except when...

vssp by Beginner
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I am still new to QoS and my role as Network Admin. We have 4 cores, 16 distribution, and 200+ access layer switches. I have been reading through all the QoS books and looking to configure advanced QoS on my switches. The guy I replaced came by today...

Hi dearsI have a problem with Cisco2821, I have 3 router Cisco2821I want to set the correct clock on them, I run the "clock set xx:xx:xx Aug yy 2012",Then wr and then reload the deviceWhen the router comes up I enter "show clock" command.The device s...

Aliz_ba123 by Beginner
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Hi.Can your help me.I am upgrade c7304 to 12.2.31sb5 andreceive a config errorCisco_7304(config)#int tun 132Cisco_7304(config-if)#serCisco_7304(config-if)#service-policy oCisco_7304(config-if)#service-policy output Dogmat-QOS Queuing features are not...