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All,We tried to move over our dhcp server to another server last night. The problem is that the server is on ( and the core switch's vlan 10 primary is on There are other secondary addresses on the same svi at

I have one switch 3750G12S I joined the company new, I found that they want to replace it with Alcatel stack switches.I didnt configure this Cisco switch before.I need some help on how to configure it.I have 4 other new cisco switches in the topology...

Hi AllI am planning to implement PBR on our core switch, so basically idea is we are having checkpoint connected to isp1 and asa connected to isp2, I got a default route on core towards checkpoint and all internet access is being provided via isp 1  ...

Ven Diesel by Level 1
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One of my blade switch 3120 running version 122-50.SE3    crashed and recorded the following erroe message:                System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x5B5EA78, address 0x0Can someone help to find the root cause of the crash?Many thank...

interface Vlan24description Internal Wireless Internetip address 10.x.0.1 helper-address x.x.x.xip helper-address x.x.x.xip pim sparse-modeservice-policy input LIMIT_INTERNETservice-policy output LIMIT_INTERNET!policy-map LIMIT_INTERN...

regibbons by Level 1
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A default route is given on 2 stub routers connected to each other...and where a pc pings an unknown network, what happens---Posted by WebUser Ganesh Kandari from Cisco Support Community App

I'm looking to see if it is possible to run a vPC between to vDC's on a single 7010?  We have a Production setup that runs dual 7010's with vPC's between the chassis but in our lab we only have a single 7010 with a 32 port 10gig module.  I was thinki...

Hi All,Im fairly new to routing and could do with some help here.I have a New cisco 881 connected up and its carrying Voice and Data - Voice is working fine but since we removed the old Router on site and connected to the new 881 the only website the...

HI guys,Iam having some issue trying to configure snmp-server context vrf XXX.From some reason even if i put my VRF name i cant see anything about this vrfthis is the command i add:snmp-server context def vrf datacenter regards,

                   Dear All,I am using cisco 2951 for extra added firewall security (SSL VPN) in existing design placed after MX480. Now, that there are different modules in it as below, can  anybody tell me the function of each module in short pleas...