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Resolved! Replacing 3750 24 port with 3750 48 port

We have a stack of switches that is at the max number of members allowed in the stack. Problem is we are running out of port density and need to add more ports. So instead of adding a whole new stack I would rather replace 2 of the 24-port swicthes w...

fredareid by Beginner
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Resolved! WRR confusion

I am looking through the Cisco documentation on WRR configuration for 6500 series switches, and I have run across some really confusing stuff. Any help here would be great.Question 1If we look at this interface configurationinterface GigabitEthernet1...

Network: OSPF or EIGRP ?

Hello,Our network have remote branch, the networks are routing with OSPF and RIP (you can see the design in the scheme number 1)We are going to add a Core and, the branches will be connected with fiber (see scheme number 2):- 10 Gb between the 2 core...

High Traffic on ports

Hiwe got 3560 switch connected to 2960 switch3560 (port fa 0/24)----------------fa0/24 (2960)High traffic is noticed on all ports of 2960 switch, can somone help on how to identify the source and traffic type.during downtime just plugged single pc on...

qos between 2911/K9 and 2960

Helo, i would like some help .... how to configure a QOS service for a Microsoft Lync software.I need set up preference for the lync traffic in my switch, router and between trunk in both side.I Have two ADSL as uplinkMore informations about my scena...

teleadmin by Beginner
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Resolved! Vlan Internet issue

I created a new vlan and able to access all my internal networks and able to access till firewall inside interface ,however cant access internet or cant hit my firewall external ip and internet, apparently all the vlans in the prodcution netwrok are ...