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Hello,PC1 sending DCHP Request to DHCP server  on network Layer 3 Distribution Switch (Mulilayer Switch 3) send same broadcast to and on port Fa0/2 to Layer 2 Switch. When Layer 2 device recives that brodcast then Layer 2 ...

redrain12 by Level 1
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All,just put a VIC3-2E/M card in a 2821 and it is not showing up when I do a show inventory.  Lights on the card are both amber and stay lit.  Is this unit compatible?      Thanks in advance.Relies rate

Hi Netproi have 2960 switch connected via two uplinks <LINK A  towards CORE-1 and LINK B to CORE-2 , both link are equal , STP Chosen LINK A as primary while LINK B as secondary , how can play with stp and Make LINK B the Primary while LINK A the sec...

Hi - I'm working on a design with two different ISP providers. I'm running BGP with the providers and advertising my company owned address block. AS-prepending on one side. That's working fine. I'm running OSPF in the inside with a Check Point firewa...

m.egan by Level 1
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Hello,we have a problem with the throughput over etherchannel in LACP with 2 or 4 ports.It is iSCSI traffic (vmware esxi 4.1 U3) is going from 2 separate NICs (ports) to the etherchannel (with 2 or 4 ports) that has a SAN connected (Nexenta).The SAN ...

cascon.com by Level 1
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I ran into problem with design that was prepared for Catalyst 6500, but in the meantime infrastructure got upgraded to Nexus. I have two datacenters connected with 1Gbit line (point-point), both ends of this circuit are N7K. There are few segments (l...

Hi all,I am having a hard time trying to setup a VRRP failover situation where VRRP needs to failover instantly between two routers, whenever a network becomes unreachable.In my case I have two routers, one is the primary gateway, the other one is th...

SSH has been enabled on our one and only 4507 switch for several months and working fine. A few weeks ago the switch had to be reloaded and when it was back online I couldn't SSH to it. When I connected via the console and typed "show ip ssh" it came...

Hi all,We had power failure catalyst 6509 and after the device boot up ssh does not work any more  below is error messagesAny ideas?thank youline con 0access-class 90 outlogging synchronousline vty 0 4access-class 90 inexec-timeout 60 0logging synchr...

Hello,Here is south korea. English is not my native language. I hope you get my drift.My customer have two 6509 switches with WiSMs. Each switch has one WiSM and runs 80 APs. So My customer is using total 160 APs.From a few month ago, Each WiSMs suff...

phc by Level 1
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Dear All     Normally when we do HSRP with vPC on N7K the device will be Active/Standby in control plane but it will be Active/Active in data plane. In this case any traffic reach to standby device it can forward traffic directly to uplink which is n...

Ive been using GNS3 to run some of my practice labs and Im trying to use the SDM to get familiar with it. I have all the settings I believe I need on the router to be able to connect with the router. I can ping it from the command prompt, I can open ...

JJackel84 by Level 1
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I am trying to track down an application response problem on my network (the traffic goes through a 6509 and FWSM).I noticed in one of my WireShark captures, that the client at times seems to be sending ackowledgements (ACKs) over and over again, and...