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Hi, I want to know that after enabling the HSRP , whether both the routers(active & standby) are using virtual IP for routing the packets or can it use one of the its  assigned IP.

Hi,I would like to know if the power the Nexus 7K allocates per module is configurable?For example, we are only using the 8 didicated ports on our N7K-M132XP-12 card. The Nexus budgets 750W for the module, but given that we will only ever use 8 of th...

HiI need to upgrade the IOS software on a Cisco 6509-E which has 2 Supervisor Engine 720 installed. What would be the best way to do this? Do i need to do one sup at a time or is there a way that both can be done as once ? i have found this doc  http...

harryraju by Beginner
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hi! I've 2 core switches running HSRP, and each of this core switch has a connection to a router. The initial objective is to have all the outgoing traffic to go thru core 1 to the router, and the link from core 2 to the router will only kick in if c...

dave dave by Beginner
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Requirement is to setup L2 network across DCs with single L2 vlan stretching across both sites.SVI at both ends for Vlan100 for example.Add some form of FHRP such that hosts on Vlan100 at DC-A always select L3 df-gw target at DC-A as active gw, and h...

AJAZ NAWAZ by Contributor
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Hi We have a requirement for private VLANS for DMZ hosting within one of our datacentres. I just want to query how private VLANs would work in our environment.We have physical servers connected to fex ports (2 fex per rack for each 5k) of a 5548UP sw...

Hi,When I go to configure my 4G module and configure the Modem Data Profile, do I need all the information described in the doc from my carrier? IE: apn, authentication, username, password?          http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/access/inte...

Hi All , i am facing an error while upgrading the IOS image on 3560 switche. below is the Error please Advise . """Accessing tftp:// c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE6.bin from (vi...

Hi,I have a 6509 switch with SSO Redundancy (STANDBY HOT) with IOS ver 12.2(17d)SXB11, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) (c6k222-jk9sv-mz.122-17d.SXB11.bin). I need to upgrade the IOS on this switch.I have 512MB Memory on the switch and 40144896 bytes free on D...