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Good day gents, I'm have done the migration by copying the configuration from c2960 to pasting it into c9200. there were some configurations that didn't work so I fixed them manually(there are slight differences in the commands). The switch is locate...

Hi Experts,Got a project where I'll have to stack 3 cisco Catalyst 9300L. I performed Switch stacking before, but in past projects switches were brand new, with no config at all, where I stack them, configure them, and then deploy them. This time I'l...

I've got a couple of 2960L 8 port switches that I need to upgrade, and I was wondering if they were basically the same procedure as upgrading a 2960x 48 port switch? Since I do not have remote access to load the code, I was going to have someone load...

I have a pair of 6800's in production that I'd like to replace. It's currently configured with the management on two regular ethernet ports using the backup interface command on the B side. This is to support Netflow since the Netflow exporter won't ...

Hi Team, I'm working to create a connection between an IOS 3850 switch and a Nexus 9300 switch.Our architecture requires me to establish a single connection between the nexus and the ios but also within a port channel.I'm attempting to ping with no l...

Nate619 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I have implemented WLC SZ144 connected to core switch 9500 by connecting using fiber patch cord. I used Cisco module model GLC-LH-SMD on both side cisco and WLC, but I don't  see any port up on both devices. anyone have experience, please hel...

DalasDoba by Level 1
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So running into a strange issue. I have multiple SVI's created on our switch due to one subnet being in our test environment and one being in our production environment. The test SVI has a subnet of and the production one has a IP of 10.10...

kcross by Level 1
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Hi there, I got a Cisco router on which the ISP line is terminated. I have connected Cisco switch to the router. At this moment I got one VLAN on the switch and DHCP is being done from the router. I would like to create two extra Vlans on the switch....

Hi there,Is it necessary for both DC inputs of the Cisco IE2000 to be connected to the same power supply? Although this is not fully redundant, DC-A and DC-B appear to be inputs to separate internal power supplies based on a previous employee's respo...