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Good Day to all!Can anybody recommend a cisco core switch and access switches in IPTV network infrastucture?I was ask to implement a network for IPTV system but i don't have idea what will be the model i will use.I have in my mind in going to researc...

GuysI need to create a network documenation for a client and they have tones of MDF and IDF switches. It does not make sense to use cdp neigh on each devices to create topology. Is there any tool out there I can use to build logical topology of the n...

Amit V by Beginner
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Hi,On a previous forum someone recommended using iperf for testing bandwith between 2 systems and after using it between 2 systems it seems really good.  So it made me think are there better tools before I use this tool?  What I want to do is place i...

Andy White by Participant
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Hi,Does any one knows a way to secure switch to switch connection.Doesn't matter if it is a trunk or access port, The only thing that is important is that if the other side is not a switch than the port needs to be shutdown or block the traffic.Thank...

arikgelman by Enthusiast
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Good morning,Just after everyones thoughts here. We are putting in a VPLS circuit between 3 sites. We want to run BGP between sites (it has to be BGP as there are backup circuits and we need routes controls). The other requirement is also the ability...