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I'm in the process to install two 4948E switches.  I will be configuring GLBP and wanted to get some guidelines on configuring GLBP and EIGRP:- First question is like HSRP I'm configuring it on both swithches like this:Switch 1:interface vlan 5ip add...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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                   Hi,We have a core switch with the following ios and supervisor engine. Can we add a16 port LR (x2)or  LRM(X2)  ON  the core switch?if not what modifications has to be done?if an ios upgrade is necessary is it a costly affair?At pre...

prakavi by Level 1
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We are attempting to PXE boot from clients obtaining their DHCP lease information from DHCP pools configured on our 4506.  The PXE server, and the client are configured in separate VLANs.  We have configured option 66 to point to the PXE server IP ad...

If someone has Wireshark installed on a PC and that PC is on the same VLAN as the Management VLAN can the "listener" see the management passwords even if they are going to a different address(the network gear) than the PC?  Thanks, Pat.

DHCP = win2008r2scope 1: - 2172.16.3.51 - = = : 3750!!!!!CONFIG!!!!!!!!interface Vlan100 descr...

hi ,im just asking about the AD & metric of Null route .is AD is  1 and the metric is 0 ????????  i mean it is a static route does it treadted as the stataic routes configs ??assume i have a directlyconnected route i performed a null ro...

Dr.X by Level 2
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I have a c3560 switch that has two gig fiber modules in it.  I need to uplink fiber to one of these at 100mb.  This is because this port will be rate limited to 20mb and 10 percent is the lowest you can go with the rate limiting command.  Is there a ...

mialbert by Level 1
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Hi,ISR G2  (c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M1.bin) has 512 MB of DRAM. Periodically it runs out of memory:Processor Pool Total:  248831896  Used:  244070796  Free:    4761100I/O Pool Total:             58720256   Used:  44351072    Free:   143691841....

Hi AllI have gone through tons of posts here for multicast setup/design, and wanted to confirm if my design is correct:1) we have centralized datacenter on nexus platforms (7k & 5k) and 30 different sites.. We are planning to use anycast RP with MSDP...

sblavanya by Level 1
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I've configured the EEM to bring up a backup interface. In the EEM config, I have - action A37 cli command "ip nat inside source list nat_acl interface GigabitEthernet0/2 overload". This makes g0/2 the source of the nat translations. When I fail back...