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I don't know if what I am asking is possible but I thought I would ask.  I have mobile video conferencing equipment that could be plugged into any network jack in a building and I need to reconfigure the port on the fly.  I have successfully used Aut...

Hi ExpertsI have port on cisco 3560 goes to error-disable,what is the cause of this issue,pls be noted this interface has BPDU Guard enablethanksjami

So we have 3 routers as such:R1 and                                        / /22R1 --------------- R2 ---------------- R3 -- /22                              ?        \ /22                                            In R...

dtbullock by Beginner
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Hi all,I have a 6506-E with 4 modules and 2 power supplies:WS-X6708-10GE (2 modules)     WS-X6748-GE-TX                                                         Supervisor Engine 720 10GE VS-S720-10G   system power total =     2671.20 Watts system pow...

viett by Beginner
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Hi all,I have 2 layer 3 and 2 layer 2 switches in network,1 layer is server and all other 3 are clients.When i changes vtp mode of layer 2 switch from client to transparent i was unable to ping any ip address in network.i know switches in transparent...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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What value is indicated on the 6500 Gigabit port for the maxIndex value?  The linecard is a WS-X6516-GBIC and SW ver 12.2.94.                         qos6Inlost = 095.                         qos7Inlost = 096.                         qos8Inlost = 097...

mcvhintex by Beginner
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Hello,  I have a huge network issue that I am hoping someone smarter than me will be able to solve. I recently lost my configuration when attempting to reset the password for our Cisco 3560g switch, the switch connectsto a Cisco 4506 switch via fiber...

Hi Everyone,I have question here command spanning-tree guard loop.First I enable it on single port which has fibre connection to switch 2.This is what I foundOn switch 1 port where I enable this I took 1 fibre cable out and port went from up to down ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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                   Hello.  I have never configured a catalyst 3560 for inter VLAN switching and I am on a project with no support, this may be very basic for some.    The issue I am having is ONE I am not even sure if I am doing this correctly so I d...

Hi,I am trying to find a way to monitor the Status of the VPC-Domain on a pair of Nexus 5000/ 7000 (overall health, any inconsistency problems, status of individual VPCs, ... etc.).So far I was not able finding anything related to VPC in the existing...