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Resolved! Help in understanding VSS

I understand that VSS works with Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches. I know that the VSL or Virtual Switch Link between thetwo switches allow for the switches to communicate control plane and data. From what I have read, you can have a maximumof 8 1...

Port Forwarding Cisco 1841

I have a cisco 1841 and I am hooking up some cameras onto my network. My global IP is and my internal IP which is going to my cameras DVR is I need to be able to forward port 8080 from my global IP to my local IP so i can v...

JMullisYPG by Beginner
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Managed Switches

explanation concerning managed switches : If my network consists  of several managed switches (CISCO and other vendors) does the SNMP  software of CISCO monitor all these switches if they support SNMP?.

Need Subnet Calculation?

Workstation A has been assigned an IP address of  Workstation B has been assigned an IP address of The two  workstations are connected with a straight-through cable. Attempts to  ping between the hosts are unsuccessful....

Need Help Implementing Redundant Fiber Link

Attached file is drawing, and below is the current config of link that is already up. I need to add another fiber redudnant link between 6509 and 2960 stack. Please help me on config Spanning side by not taking 6509 down after the change. 6509 is in ...

fantoos by Beginner
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Resolved! 3 question about cisco 2960

Hello,we have a cisco 2960 48 port tcl switch port and i've enable ssh on my switch and now :1) how can i login to ssh ? how should create username for ssh ?2) how can i disable telnet ?3) how can i change main (master) password?THanks,

blackmetal by Beginner
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Resolved! Internet - 3550 - Vlans

Hi,I'm playing with a 3550 switch.I have created several vlans and can ping between those.If I go onto the switch I can ping the gateway and the internet.If I go on to a host connected to one of the vlans and try and ping the internet I get nothing. ...

3550 flapping of ports

We have several 3550 switches still in our our network. I know, its old but please continue to read.  All the 3550 switches are on the same IOS and feature set. Recently users on 2 of the 3550 switches started to experience bandwitch issues - specifi...

JMCNEL by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Having trouble manufacturing a routing loop

Greetings!I'm  practicing some routing techniques related to the Implementing Cisco IP  Routing class and exam.  I'm trying to manufacture a routing loop in  order to correct it with route maps and prefix lists, etc.  I can't seem  to get the routing...

ivaarsen1 by Beginner
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high process cpu history WS-C4506

Hello I have a problem with cpu high.Can anyonetell me if normal have this process?CPU utilization for five seconds: 29%/0%; one minute: 29%; five minutes: 30%PID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process  29   198216576 40261...