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Hi,We are facing issue of high memory utilization in one of our 2960 switch, below are the outputs for refrence. Kindly help.Show memoryshow memory debug leaks2960G_3#sh mem debug leaks Adding blocks for GD...                 Driver text memory      ...

I am just wondering which mode to set the switchport that is connected to a router.I assume the cable connecting the router is plugged into a port in trunk mode (for all the defined VLANS)? Then I make SVIs with gateways  for the VLANs pointing to ro...

ADAman by Beginner
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Resolved! Default vlan

I hear that all ports have a default vlan, usually 1. what happens when we set a port to access port 10? Does it still have a default vlan or just vlan 10?

ADAman by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I am looking for some help in relation to an acl i want to stick in.What  i need is to allow certain subnets access a  host via the following tcp ports 80,8080,443,21 and 3128Does anyone know if its possible to do this with a single line ACL....

Resolved! LACP Configuration

Hi,We have Dell M6220 blade server that server is connected to cisco 3750 switch. I am trying to configure LACP in 3750 for two port which are connected to Dell M6220 server switch. The channel-group 2 mode  active commande is not taking then its sho...

Hi,I am trying to upgrade my 2960 edge switch through tftpd...i have configured vlan 1 with IP address and tftpd as am trying to ping tftpd, but I couldn't, but when I try to ping vlan 1 from tftpd, i canpls advice..

We are running DAI on our access switches. All clients get static IPs so we use ACLs to define the MAC-to-IP bindings. Here is a snippet of the config:ip arp inspection vlan 99ip arp inspection filter vlan99arp vlan  99 staticarp access-list vlan99ar...

rsjordan00 by Beginner
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Hello, I have a Switch C3750E-48PD PoE and in some ports of this switch the staff of surveillance connect cameras that need 20 Watts. I read that every port only have available 15.4 Watts per port so my question is if that the cameras asking more pow...

Is it possible to use a cisco router (2821) - as a secondary dhcp server for redundancy of a windows dhcp server?  As in utilize my windows server as a primary DHCP server for clients and if the server fails, then the router takes over this role unti...