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Greetings,We at times will see our wireless clients lose network access sporadically when accessing either the Internet or local servers on our network.  We have a pair of Nexus 3064 switches configured in a VPC providing all layer 3 services at this...

s-pirrello by Beginner
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Hi All!I have one 3750X switch w C3KX-NM-10G uplink module running one 10g uplink to core.I have plan to install one more 3750X swith w C3KX-SM-10G uplink module to stack.And make the following config.SW1 ->  C3KX-NM-10G -> Te1/1/1 [10G] ->Po1 ->Core...

Hello,When I order a new switch I get asked if we want the standard or enhanced image, what is the difference?  I though I could just download the enhanced image and install?  Unless it means the Enhanced switch will have more memory and flash space....

Andy White by Participant
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Hi!I'm doing a little lab with 2 Cisco 6500 chassis and 2 WSC3750.I'd like to use PBR on SVIs so I created an access-list, a route-map and applied a policy on my SVI.Here is the configuration :ip access-list extended PROV_FW1 permit ip 0...

expertirs by Beginner
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I have a older Cisco c7200 VXR Router that has been sent to me from one of our DataCeters. Not sure what was wrong with it but it came without a flash card. Once I put in a new flash card in there I get the following boot prinnt:---------------------...

krock1983 by Beginner
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Hi,We have the following scenario...Subnet 1 ->     Router1 ->     Router 2 ->     Router 3 ->       ISP Link 1Subnet 2 ->                                                                           ISP Link 2Subnet 2 and ISP Link 2 are both new additi...

I ran into a strange problem this morning. We have a working PBR route map on a 6509 switch and a 3750 switch, each in different locations.On both devices, the route-map is configured to match on one of multiple ACLs, then set the next hop to a direc...

aweise by Beginner
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Hello,I have a Catalyst 2950G when I activate the switchport port-security, but I want to empty the black list of mac address because every time I connect a device, the port is automatically désacative, here is the port configuration:!interface FastE...

Hi Experts,While upgrading Cisco 1941 router with latest IOS version, my router gone to the rommon mode.Below is the out put of in the rommonitormode.rommon 47 > dir flash:program load complete, entry point: 0x80803000, size: 0x1b340Directory of flas...