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Hi all,Need to confirm few things belowRouter R3 is ABR  and connected to R1.R1 is ASBR as it is redistributing EIGRP into the OSPF.This is what i didR3area 11 nssa no-summary -------------This makes it Totally NSSA right?R1 area 11 nssa.this is what...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi,   I been practicing with the configuration of layer 3 etherchannel configuration and i am facing a problem here. I have two 3560 switches and i want a layr 3 ether channel configuration setup between the first 2 ports of bothe the switches. I ass...

1Hello all;I want buy Cisco Switchs.Spec:MAC Support: 16000Backplane: 18GbpsForward: 28GbpsVLAN's: 4000 (q-in-q support)Jumbo Frame SupportedSupported 8000 static routing!Supporting Stack!Cisco 4948 supporting stackable? which product do you recommen...

mueddib by Level 1
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Resolved! NETFLOW

helloi am unable to configure netflow on 4500 catalyst switch, do i need ios upgrade and if YES then which versionI got cisco shared support on the catalyst switch. I also do have netflow collector toolcisco WS-C4507R+ECatalyst 4500 L3 Switch Softwar...

I'm building a new colo presence with a full class C of public IP's. The idea is to connect to our ISP with a 3750x switchstack and they will be providing two ethernet drops that conect directly into two seperate switches on their side with HSRP and ...

dsc981 by Level 1
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Hello evereone,I want to understand - if 10G ports of 4948E (4 x 10Gb) they are block or non-blocks ?I want to connect this switches with 20 GB (lag) to my BB switches and i need to prepare my infrastructure to 17.5GB troughput of video traffic my co...

Hi allTrying to migrate the config run on IOS 12.1 to 12.2 It seems there's no snmop traps isdn command support on 12.2. Can please suggest where i can enable trap on ISDN over IOS 12.2 (33) sxj1 running on C6500 chassis?thanksNoel

Hi,Im trying to connect a Cisco 2811 using an octal cable to a Juniper MX480 console port.  (Sorry for mentioning Juniper)Since the distance between Cisco 2811 and router is 20ft, im using couplers and a straight-through cable for the lack of slack. ...

Hi I have an etherchannel configured on a cat6k to connect to a netapp. the ints in the channel group are up but the port channel is down. when i do a show etherchannel summary it show that the ports are in portchannel 12A not 12. Any ideasthe config...