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2960 switch: To speed up XMODEM, I changed the console port speed to 115200, but did not set it back to 9600 right away. Now I cannot. The console port is stuck at 115200. I boot into bootloader mode (switch: prompt) and can see the commands, but whe...

ed.bonnell by Beginner
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I am a fairly basic configs that I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.  I have what I would consider a fairly basic config that I just can’t seem to get to work and I am sure it is something I am just not doing or grasping.   Basically I hav...

cursur949 by Beginner
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So, I was just curious. Is there any Cisco recommended interval for starting or rebooting a switch? We've got some switches that have been up over 2 years without a fresh reboot. I know they aren't like a Windows PC, which needs a fresh reboot every ...

Hi,Diagram of our network attached.We have 2 core switches and 2 access switches connected in a resilient design. Access Switch 1 is configured with Data VLAN 101 and Voice VLAN 102 and Access Switch 2 is configured with Data VLAN 201 and Voice VLAN ...

de1denta by Participant
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I haven’t messed with a Lan Base switch yet but they were ordered for a project I’ll be working in the near future.  The design was to use them as the default routes for the VLAN’s.  Would this type of configuration work on a Lan Base switch?  Thanks...

Todd S by Beginner
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Hi.I have a 6509-E with the VS-S720-10G and the IOS version is 12.2(33)SXH5, and I will possibly buy the WS-X6708-10GE module. I already read the documentation, and i think i don't have any problem to install this module in my chassi. I'm forgetting ...

DPlagueHT by Beginner
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I am experiencing problems with our Cisco 2960-S POE switch. Our scenario is as follows: Cisco 2960 -> Avaya 4606 IP phone -> Windows XP PCWhenever I plug the phone initially the phone  comes online without problem as does the PC.  However once the u...

chriscrcsd by Beginner
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Hi All,I've learned recently that the Nexus 7000 only allows the configuration of a maximum of 2 Monitor sessions for spanning traffic. I only have one monitor session left and I need to do the following. 2 Core Nexus 7000 boxes with 2 different traf...

fhoban by Beginner
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Hello Sir,I have voice Bandwidth on  Cisco Router 7200 and catalyst 3750.Now i want to sell some BW ( 15MB ) to any cleint. Can you please explain how to do that .We have ethernet connectvity with my cleint.How i restrict client to 15MB. Will i have ...

bilaljaved by Beginner
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