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HiI have read a lot of things about vlans and the explanations that I found on the internet makes me confused.1-) A Vlan can be implemented without trunking. Right?2-) Does unmanaged switch support vlan without trunking? 3-) Does unmanaged switch sup...

Hi Expert,There is some confusion for BGP connect and active state.RFC-4271 saysConnect State: In this state, BGP FSM is waiting for the TCP connection to be completed.RegardsMahesh Active State: In this state, BGP FSM is trying to acquire a peer by...

:  %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY: unterminated string in buffer of  length 129, counted: 129 -Traceback= 4027CB2C 402B1E88 4052884C 40528A48  40528D08 40529188 40529358 403247E8 403247D4 Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) C5...

This switch randomly reboots throughout the day. I checked the stacks info and reported it was using crashinfo_12 (report below). Can someone help me figure out what this log means? I have access to the switch throughout the day if more config info n...

it by Level 1
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I have two pix 515-e which are in failover.now the staus for failover is shown in below.it shows primary is standby and secondary is Active.If i am modifying config it gives warning the change will not be replicated to Active as change is done in sta...

Hello Guys,I am new to VACLs and have to add some new ACEs on a Critical production 6500 running CatOS.The documentation that I have seen so far explains how to create, commit and vlan map a VACL ... however I see no instructions or comments on best ...

Dmoreno69 by Level 1
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Hello,We have a Cisco 1841 router that requires 2 levels of access, at the moment we have network admins logging in with a single username via SSH and with privilege 15 but we also need our helpdesk to login to run certain commands but not chaneg any...

I'm a bit confused about the directon of ACL's on Vlan intervacesI'm trying to deny vlan 301  from accesing any ip's on vlan 302 does this make sence?interface Vlan301 description wireless users ip address no ip redire...

dcarr3311 by Level 1
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